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Thread: One Year!

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    Re: One Year!

    I posted in the nest but want to keep track here too.

    I called the restaurant and apologized. They asked me if I was ok. Can you believe that? They said I can come talk to the manager and bartender in person if I want to which I will. I will face them and speak to them (and pay my bar tab!) I guess I got escorted out before paying.

    I remember a bit more from that night- I am pretty sure I fell in the bathroom and someone came to check on me. Then someone walked me to a more private area where the cops came and the security officer for the mall was with me. I kept crying and they all kept saying “you are not in trouble, we just want to make sure you get home safe”. That’s all I can remember.

    I’ve been reading through some of my old journals and getting to know the person I used to be before I was an alcoholic. I was such a sweet and kind person! I enjoyed reading through, and remembering that I wasn’t always like this. I’m trying to be that person again who gets through tough times by writing and normal healthy activities! I was a hoot!

    Well, it’s Friday and I’m off to work soon. My weekend will consist of a major deep clean of the house for Christmas and finishing up some last minute shopping and wrapping. And I’m going to do more journaling.

    Happy weekend everyone! Xoxo
    Day 1 again 11/5/19
    Goal 1: 7 days
    Goal 2: 14 days
    Goal 3: 21 days
    11/27/19: messed up but back on track
    12/14/19: bad doozy but back on track

    One day at a time.

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    Re: One Year!

    'I am part of all that I have met, yet all experience is an arch wherethro', gleams that untravelled world whose margins fade, forever and forever when I move'

    Zen soul Warrior. Freedom today-

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