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      Exclamation Dream about relapse!

      I had a very disturbing dream last night. I dreamt that after 543 days stone-cold-sober, I relapsed! It was a very vivid and realistic dream, and I recall struggling with the decision to have a drink in my dream. I even went back and forth on it, but ultimately I decided to have one. In my dream, I really thought I had relapsed, and I remember being immediately upset at my decision, but that I wouldn't have another.

      I literally woke up in tears! And very, very thirsty!

      Moral of the story - don't go to bed thirsty, or you might have a really bad dream.

      Hope you're all doing well! Been so busy, haven't been on here much, but I think about you all every day.


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      Re: Dream about relapse!

      I've had those dreams, too, 3TC. Quite a relief to wake up and realize it was a dream, isn't it? I think they are good reminders. It's funny but when I was Dx with celiac disease almost 30 years ago, I had the same type of dreams about eating cookies or bread. I would wake up so bummed, knowing how sick I was going to be later that day. It was always such a thrill to realize I was going to be ok!!

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      Re: Dream about relapse!

      Hi, 3TAC!

      Yes, I have those dreams, too. For me they usually involve casually sipping something while trying to talk myself out of it. Glad to hear from you, and glad all is ok.


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