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    Re: My way out journey - the greysquirrel version

    Time to update this thread. Been about 3 weeks. Jeez. I did end up drinking.

    Ugly: Lost my close friend who had been battling cancer for close to 3 years. Not to cancer, he beat it, but to a seizure. I'll spear you the details, but lost my shit for a few days and it got ugly.

    Bad: Been crazy busy between vacation and work. Did drink on vacation, so surprised, not. Man I really wish I didn't go. In the end the temptation was too strong and I didn't have the right support around me. Again my parents were like, "why don't you just stop blah, blah, blah". To which my response was I was just about a month clean . My brother (really, really bad drinker) didn't help. Also, more stuff at work but whatever.

    Good: Ready to get back on the old horse (already have a few days under my belt). And no, I'm not feeling sorry. I'm of the mindset you have to own up to what do. Good or bad. Sometimes you loose relationships because of it, sometimes you get respect.
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    Re: My way out journey - the greysquirrel version

    hi Grey and welcome back. As us oldies all gather when someone goes off MWO they are normally off drinking but so glad to see you back and on board.

    Sorry to hear about your friends death due to a seizure. if we dont have the tools to deal with stress we will revert to what we know best to do and that is drinking.

    Oh the vacation from hell by the sounds of it. i used to drink AT a lot of people but at the end of the day the only person it ever hurt was me. Even the other day if i was a drinker i would have had a great excuse to drink AT a coworker but i know now she is not worth my time or energy or life on. Instead i told her how i felt and i was done with her behaviour, something i would not have done if i drank.

    Glad you are back, at the end of the day it is your choice on whether you drink or not, it is a long process and life doesnt change immediately when we stop, we learn more so that when crap things happen we know how to deal with them.

    how is your other friend who was diagnosed with cancer?
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    Re: My way out journey - the greysquirrel version

    Hi @Greysquirrel, Iím and newbie here and have 13 days sober. I have been sober before for years at a time but this last bout of drinking has been hard to quit. I am also not feeling sorry for myself. Its a matter of making up your mind and stop giving into temptation. (Easier said than done.) Iím glad you are here. Iím sorry about your friend. Looking forward to getting to know you on this website. Happy 4th of July.
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