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    2 years but drank

    Hello i used to drink for anxiety. I quit for 2 years and got a handle on anxiety. I was out tonight and had 2 drinks now Iím upset for doing it. Has anyone drank here after many years sober? What happens? I donít plan on continuing to drink

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    Re: 2 years but drank

    Hi! And yes..lots have returned to drinking after short and long periods of will need to examine truly why you drank (one drink..50 difference)..To drink for anxiety is like drinking strong black coffee to help you sleep..drink causes anxiety ..the numbing from it you get for short periods is deceptive..the long term affect is anxiety and a multitude more horrible consequences.
    Be honest with yourself is the best advice I could give you..that may get you back to where you were...nip it in the know? Make today a truly open frank honest Day 1!! Xx
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    Re: 2 years but drank


    Yes, the road to relapse starts well before the actual drink. Were you thinking of drinking with rose colored glasses? Otherwise feeling anxious and agitated? Justifying it in your head, even for a minute? One cure is to play it out to the end. What was drinking like for you when you did quit? Remind yourself over and over what positives aspects in your life you have gained from quitting and the negative aspects you have lost. Check in with a sober community (join us in a more active thread? AA?), and take care of yourself. Set boundaries. Get sleep and exercise.

    Good on you for coming here. Stick with the quit - what's the alternative???


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    Re: 2 years but drank

    Many people here have started to drink again after many years sober, and with way more than two years. What happens is they quickly end up back at their previous drinking levels if not worse, then back to square one and start the whole process of getting sober all over again óunless they were able to let it be just one slip, and immediately hopped right back onto the sober train. So Iíd recommend you save yourself some grief and hop right back on board!
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    Re: 2 years but drank

    Being that you feel bad about it works in your favor I think,two drinks is small but I'd be worried about it opening the door for more, especially since it was only two drinks you might be tempted to think you can "control it" only problem is that it'll crawl back up to where you were drinking before you quit,I hope you can just chalk that night up to a one off and stay on the sober path,keep your guard up
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    Re: 2 years but drank

    Yes, me, over here! Started out pretty mellow, gradually got worse and ended up just as bad if not worse than I was before. And it is so much harder to go through the quitting process this time around. My mind says “yes we quit yay” and then suddenly my mind says “weeeee are drinking today!” And the angel and devil argue it out in my brain. It’s exhausting.
    Stuck around with us for awhile. We can help you.
    Please don’t drink. It’s a trap.
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