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    Not new; trying again

    I've been here before and am (yet again) trying to moderate. I really don't want to drink tonight. Not sure the last time I haven't had at least one drink.

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    Re: Not new; trying again

    Not much of a moderating community left here I'm afraid...most of us know it doesn't work despite wasting years imposing rules on ourselves...good luck anyway and if you fancy just biting the bullet and taking the far easier option of quitting altogether there'll be plenty of support around the boards!!
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    Re: Not new; trying again

    Hi NolaLola!

    Glad you decided to come back.
    I joined in earl 2009 with the intention lof learning to moderate. What I learned was moderating is virtually impossible once you have crossed over to being a problem drinker. Some people will still try & actaully have some success when taking medication & getting counseling.
    I was challenged with getting 30 AF days under my belt, then see if I still wanted to try to moderate. By the time I got thru the first two weeks I just knew deep down that quitting all together would be best for me. Accepting I had a hard time with AL & probably always will I decided to save myself & what was left of my sanity. You can do it too with a good plan & support. I urge you to drop in the newbies Nest for all the support you could want
    Like Molly said - it’s easier to quit completely then make a great life for yourself!

    Wishing you the very best!

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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: Not new; trying again


    I'm another one who came here with the intention of moderating. I agree with Lav, although I do know some find success. As Byrdie says, once you google "problem" and "alcohol" and find yourself here, maybe moderation won't do the trick. That acceptance that Lav talks about was key for me. I couldn't have alcohol in my life AND have the life I want - they were incompatible. I was SO AFRAID of what that meant and what my life would be like, and now I realize I actually found freedom and peace. I shouldn't have been afraid at all!

    Many chose the 30 day challenge just to clear the pipes as it were. See how you feel and genuinely look at alcohol in your life with a clear head.

    Welcome - we're here for you.


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