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    Needing to connect with people that have experience with Baclofen

    Hey All,

    I am at the point where I have completely lost control (again. but worse now than ever) with my drinking and I need to do something ASAP. I have been drinking heavily for the last 11 years. Longest without alcohol was almost 4 months back in 2015. Prior to covid I was drinking on average about 5 days a week and drinking a fifth 750ml (17ish shots) of 100 proof vodka a night (Vodka is my go to and I rarely drink other forms of alcohol). When covid hit my drinking instantly went back to daily and I have been drinking daily for the last 15 months with maybe a total of 2-3 days without drinking within that time. On average now I am drinking about 15 shots a night on 100proof vodka. I have never been a day drinker and I only drink at night (typically 5pm-12am).

    I've read multiple stories on here of people having great success with Baclofen and I am interested in trying it. If there's anyone still active on here with experience with Baclofen please let me know. I would like to get some support and some questions answered prior to taking it. It would be awesome to be in direct contact with some people on this journey.

    From reading around it seems like people who are taking baclofen are still drinking while on it. I've read around online that says absolutely do not drink while on the medication. Are people cutting back their drinking significantly prior to taking the medication? Would I be able to start the medication and while drinking? I know baclofen is suppose to help with withdrawals but I am worried about withdrawals with how much I am drinking and having to start baclofen at low dose.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Needing to connect with people that have experience with Baclofen


    Hi PTT,
    I sent you a private message.
    "God didn't give you the Strength to get back on your feet
    so that you can run back to the same thing that knocked you down."

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