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    18th June, 2007.

    New and blue

    I registered a couple of weeks ago but today is my first post.:new:

    My week has been dismal to say the least. I fell off my wagon badly and have now slipped into a self loathing depression, have resigned from my job as a result and feel completely useless and disappointed with myself. Have received warnings from work because of absenteeism related to alcohol abuse and so this week, when I stayed off I couldn't face talking to anyone and put my phone off and ignored the world. Mature! I have been in tears for most of the past 3 days, completely freaking out my partner; who is now so stressed financially because I threw in the towel. I know that I have been weak and pathetic but my emotion has completely taken over my rational thought! I tell myself every new week that I'll stop and I do well for a couple of days and then the cycle starts all over again. Just looking for some guidance from someone who knows how I feel! I have got through worse things in life but when I feel this way, nothing seems fixable or hopeful! .

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    New and blue

    Hi Deilight and a warm welcome.

    Am sorry you`re having such a hard time just now, especially with losing your job.
    We`re all in one almighty mess when we first come here and it`s easy to feel overwhelmed by our problem.

    I suggest you sit down calmly with your partner and take stock of the situation as regards resigning from your job, then look at your current drinking pattern and what changes you really want to instigate.

    Never ever allow yourself to feel long as we`re alive, there is hope.
    You will find all the help you need here, through a wide choice of meds., supps., and hypno CDs which some of the members here will advise you on.

    You will also find endless support and compassion here.

    I wish you much luck,

    Starlight Impress

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    New and blue

    welcome deilight, nothing to add to stars post, just to let you know that we are here for you


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    New and blue

    Have you downloaded the book and looked over the program? I only ask because I think it would give you some hope that yes you do have a way up and out. When I came here I thought the only thing left for me was rehab and I just didn't want to do it. Now here I am not even 3 months later and I'm sober and on the road to wellness.
    There is so much support here, and so much information. Read the book and start taking some supplements to get your body back to a more healthy state. It reduces the cravings for alcohol so you can cut down on the amount you drink everyday.

    You can do this, read and post here. There are folks from all over so it takes a full 24 hours for everyone to respond so don't get discouraged. Sorry about the job, that has happened to a few of us here. Get well and then a fresh start will be the best thing for you.

    Things will get better.


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    New and blue


    You will find lote of support here. Sorry to hear about your job.

    Hang in there,


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    New and blue

    Ditto to all said before me. Hang in there and we are all here to help you. Love, Bella xxx

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    New and blue

    Hi Deilight

    I think many of us have had that feeling. Alcohol really makes you depressed and there is nothing worse than that hangover depression.

    If you take a few days without drinking, your head will clear and you can think about it in a more constructive light. And do some searching through this website, Iam sure you will feel inspired. People who have been as despairing as you are, are now doing well.

    Is there any temp or freelance work you can do, temporarily?

    take care,
    look forward to getting to know you

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