Tree Irish steelworkers are working on a tall office building in Dublin. Dey do the same ting at lunch everday, dey take their lunchpails out onto the beams and have lunch. Michael opens his, looks into it, and says to de udders, iffen I have ta eat one more ham sandwich on plain white bread dry with no dressing, I'll just chuck meself offen dis beam to the ground down dere below!

Sean opens his lunch pail: I'm wit ya Michael!! Iffen I have to eat one more a' dese sausage sandwiches, I'm gonna join ya!!!

Tully looks in his pail, and says: "And boys, iffen I hafta eat one more sliced egg and bacon sandwich, I'm over too!!

Da next day dey break for lunch, dey all sit out on the beam, and open their lunchpails; Michael finds his same ol ham sandwich, trows it over his head, then just chucks himself backwards off the beam to the ground below, wit'out a word. Ditto, Sean looks in his lunchpail, opens a sausage sandwich, trows it over his head, and pushes back off da beam to join Michael. Tully watches them fall, down, down; opens his lunchpail, and pulls out a sliced egg and bacon sandwich. Up over his head it goes, and down he goes joining Michael and Sean!!

At da funeral later dat week, da tree widows in black were all chatttin together ina corner, and Michael's wife says, "Yanno, iffen Michael had just tol me he was tired of ham on white I woulda made somethin else for his lunch!!" And Sean's wife said, "But I am at such a loss, Sean always tol me how much he liked his sausage sandwiches!!!" To which Tully's wife chimed in: "But Tully packed his own lunches!!!"

In total self-defense I have been to Ireland and love the people!! But this was too funny!

Hugs to all "my galfriends"--and to you too Mike!