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Thread: 3 wishes

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    3 wishes

    a British sailor finds himself shipwrecked on a deserted island and since he has no provisions he fears the worst for his survival and becomes quite depressed when suddenly he spies an ornate corked bottle.

    he pops the cork and out comes a mystical genie. The genie bestows him 3 wishes. The sailor thinks deeply and says: ok, for my first wish I want a pint glass of ice cold gin that never runs out! poof! the glass appears in his hand and he swigs it all down then watches in glee as it magically fill right back up.

    the Genie reminds him he has two more wishes and he immediately replies: I'll take two more of these!

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    3 wishes

    Oh our Brits are not gonna like that one!

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    3 wishes


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    3 wishes

    Hay....this kind of thing could of happened to any sailor !!! IAD

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    3 wishes

    Ahem ............

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