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    Re: You know you're an alcoholic if...

    Quote Originally Posted by hulagirl View Post
    21. You drink your alcohol out of a coffee cup thinking no one will know.
    I'd forgotten about doing that, @hulagirl, but I certainly did - especially if it was the middle of the afternoon and it seemed "too early" to drink... I also used small juice glasses, as if anyone really thought I was drinking grape juice! The coffee cup wasn't my most pathetic approach though. At my worst, holding it above my head, I opened the spigot of horrible boxed wine directly into my mouth, hiding in the corner of the dark kitchen, praying no one would come in. I can still imagine what I must have looked like and that image reminds me where I never want to be again. I hope you are well, NS

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    Re: You know you're an alcoholic if...

    @hulagirl I have heard of people using, actually, I know someone that has used sunblock bottles. I've also heard people confess that instead of a water bottle at an AA meeting it was full of vodka (the speakers). Really nothing surprises me anymore. There is a problem that it is way cheaper to buy in bulk than by the shot at a bar. Kind of comes around to bootleggers and prohibition. People started drinking HARD liquor in smaller quantities than just a beer. I have been thinking about that alot recently. Way easier to hid a 40oz than a 24 pack.

    IMHO we really screwed ourselves up.
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