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Thread: It's Official

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    9th January, 2008.

    It's Official

    It's Official

    Just starting here, and looking to those like you who are such an inspiration!


    Keep up the great work. You are not only making your life more worthwhle, you are encouraging those of us following behind you.


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    25th November, 2007.

    It's Official

    Abby, congratulations! I can only hope...............

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    13th January, 2008.

    It's Official

    I look forward to writing a post like yours See you next year!!


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    9th April, 2007.

    It's Official

    I've marked my calendar w/my one year date. When I've gotten there, I'll be able to write a post like yours. Thank you & congrats. Mary

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    14th October, 2007.

    It's Official

    Fantastic! What an inspiration. A year AF for me still seems like an eternity but you have just shown me that it can be done! Thank you and congratulations!

    Bessie xx

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    29th August, 2006.

    It's Official

    Congrats Abby that is wonderful! You truly are an inspiration to so many!

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    15th March, 2007.

    It's Official

    Abby1, YOU ROCK. An inspiration.

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    6th December, 2006.
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    Way to go Abby! One year is a huge accomplishment. Yahoo!

    "Nothing in this World Can take the place of Persistence"
    "You can have the life you want OR you can Drink"

    AF April 12, 2014

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    25th October, 2013.
    See how important it is to post about our milestones. I was not entirely convinced of it, but see from this thread it really does matter. Cool & congrats on 1 year!
    Year 2 gets even better I hear!
    (AF since 17 May 2014) 2 years 5 months sober

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    Eloise, for me the first year was filled with many firsts: my first AF vacation, holidays, special occasions, stressful events. In my first year, I learned that I really liked my life without alcohol. I felt better, I didn't want to drink and still don't. In the second year, I had that confidence I developed during the first year. I could just enjoy my life without thinking about drinking.
    My life is better without alcohol, since 9/1/12. My sobriety tool is the list at permalink 236 on the toolbox thread under monthly abstinance.

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