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    The 4 stages of alcoholism

    incredible post


    This has helped me identify clearly what stage I am at. Definitely, definitely stage 2.

    (it is common during this stage for the problem drinker to start to drink earlier in the day. )

    this is me. I frequently start drinking at 3pm at weekends. (and did yesterday).

    (gradual increase in tolerance develops, meaning that more and more amounts of alcohol are needed for the individual to "get high" or to "feel the buzz.) -

    this is me. it takes beer and wine together now before my body is satisfied. the days of 4 pints (or cans) and that'll do are over for me.

    (hangovers, blackouts, hand tremors, and stomach problems increase)

    This is me. I have an ache in my liver area. I frequently wake up with hangovers and although my hands are generally okay, I often forget turning out the lights, locking the house, leaving the telly on before going to bed. Probably because i've stayed up too late and passed out/sleepwalked back to bed


    I am also exhibiting Stage 3 behaviours...

    (once the individual takes the first drink, he or she commonly can no longer control further drinking behavior, in spite of the fact that the intent might have been to have just "one or two drinks." It should be stressed that an important aspect of this stage of the illness is the following: the drinker often starts to experience more serious drinking problems as well as alcohol-related employment, relationship, financial, and legal problems)

    In the third stage of alcoholism, it is common for the problem drinker to start avoiding friends and family and to show a lack of interest in activities and events that once were fun or important)

    Basically All the above. However I have never ever drunk an 'eye opener'. This at least gives me hope. But if I ever needed any confirmation that I am an alcoholic, then your post has confirmed it completely in mind. I definitely am one, and if I don't quit drinking, then I think its going to ruin my life. Thanks for your post.

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    The 4 stages of alcoholism

    I think you are right in your self assessment Musomatt. I did the same thing two years ago----"Hmmmm Stage 2?...or 3?....well at least not stage 4"....and then?...after rehab?...OMG! Stage 4!

    Stage 4 comes from behind...for me?...I now have to deal with and tend to neuropathy crawling down my legs to ankles. Its fixable...maybe...BUTI MUST STOP NOW!!!

    Make a plan my friend....these folks on this site have a world of experience. Just do it

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    Good read .

    Clean & Sober since 13/01/2009

    Until one is committed there is always hesitant thoughts.
    I know enough to know that I don't know enough.

    This signature has been typed in front of a live studio audience.

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