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    Under control for a while? Let me ask you this?

    Starlight Impress Forever;1105827 wrote: Hi Tipplerette,

    You have to want it enough, and that means the entire 100% of your mind, body and spirit must truly want to stop drinking. 99% of yourself wanting it isn`t really is all or nothing. I do not mean to sound at all flippant, but that is the key to success. So very many people are at the 99%`s the final 1% that seems so impossible, all have that crucial 1% within you and you must keep the faith that you will one day tap into it.

    Am 3 yrs and 3 mnths sober.........drank like a fish........minimum 2 btls/wine each and every night. I lived to drink back then. I thank God I no longer drink or am in the least tempted to do so. And trust me.........I loved my wine. I am nothing special.......if I can quit.......anyone can. Never lose faith in yourself.

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    I know this is an older thread, but I think there is some really great information in it. I really liked this post, and it really comes down to that last subconscious 1%, then making a decsion and taking daily action.

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    Re: Under control for a while? Let me ask you this?


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    Until one is committed there is always hesitant thoughts.
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