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    Am back From !!!!

    Didn't see this post until now..... ITA that on a personal level, it's a personal thing. FWIW, according to the DSM-IV (which is the diagnostic criteria used in official settings in the US - i.e. court), 12 months is an important time frame. All of the criteria for abuse or dependence is assessed in a 12-month period. Many would say one is "in remission" if one goes from meeting the abuse or dependence criteria, and then does NOT meet the criteria in a subsequent 12 month period.

    Of course, for most of us that doesn't mean "I'm cured" as in I can drink normally. (normal excpetion for those on meds allowing moderation of drinking)

    In another view, there is an opinion in the treatment community that the comprehensive recovery process takes 3 to 5 years. I know personally at about 3.5 years AF, I am still changing and mending as a result of sobriety.


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    Am back From !!!!

    Thanks for the info DG, this is really interesting.

    For me reaching 12 months was absolutely momentous as a personal victory and meant the world to me in terms of achievement. However I still felt like such a novice inside which I guess is hardly suprising after 20 years of drinking! The 12 month label actual scared me a bit as I felt I had more to live up to but it has all served me for the greater good.

    In the run up to my 2 year anniversary I feel totally at home in my sober skin and proudly wear sobriety on my sleeve. Like you, I feel I'm continually growing. The whole experience of healing is a truly mindblowingly one and I look forward to everything I have still to learn.


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