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    coping with being af in social settings

    Well, don't mind if I muscle right in to my new home on the AB's section.
    I have a question I'm sure tons of you bright souls have answers to.
    when I go out to a nice dinner for example I can almost see a helicopter fly straight over to the top of my and then shine a 20million candle power spotlight directly down on me. Just me, for the whole drinking world to to notice in horror like I'm a circus freak. Ok, I know I'm being dramatic but you get my dilema.....what do I do? Tell them I'm on meds? I think that one will get old after a while. ??? much thanks in advance.

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    coping with being af in social settings

    Hi D, and my love to Mrs. D, I was the one who thought that everyone was looking due to past performances, but you know, it didn't happen. You can have a glass of anything in your hand at these occasions. and as soon as you ask for soda water or coke from the hostess, that sends your tone and no-one who is respectful will ask anything further. I mention respect in that sentence because it is only the disrespectful who will question.

    My fear of declaring "I can't drink alcohol" was mostly in my mind, rather than others.

    I also understand the overwhelming questions that occur after detox. Break it all down one situation at a time. I am so happy that you have found this site to share with us, along with your lovely wife.

    I love to cook too, and look forward to some killer recipes.



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    coping with being af in social settings

    Hello D, Its wonderful to see you back and I wish you all you wish for yourself..

    As to the social thing...Well I don't go out very much, but, occasionally at work, colleagues will say, " Come over to mine on Saturday night, I'm having a bit of a party" I now reply, " Thanks, but I don't drink anymore, I've given it up " When they ask why, I just tell them it was getting out of hand and I have decided to knock it on the head... You know, the number of people who will then say " God, wish I could that " or " Yea, I'm drinking far to much these days ". So, there are people out there who will envy you your achievement...

    Determinator, after what you have been through, not drinking is something to be PROUD OF, wear it like an Olympic Gold Medal, and, when you are offered a drink, just look that person right in the eye and say " NO THANKS, I DON'T DRINK ".... Let that pride you feel in yourself show in your tone of voice...
    The first time or two may not be easy, but you know what they say about practice... Actually you could start right now, stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself a couple of times, NO THANKS, I DON'T DRINK, and look yourself right in the eyes as you say it.. You can do it, you know you can....

    Take care, Louise xxx

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    coping with being af in social settings

    Hello D, i went out for a pub lunch with 2 friends yesterday. They were drinking and i was on lime and soda. They asked me why i wasnt drinking and i said, "I've been drinking too much lately and i want to give my body a rest." He replied that he wished he could do that!" I actually felt quite proud of myself for being in control. It was very wierd not drinking and i had a good sniff of my friends wine(!) but i found myself more interested in their conversation because i felt good and alert. Their conversation wasn't that great actually because they both had hangovers! I really had a good nosh up and was able to take my son out to the park afterwards. 27 days ago I would have gone home and cracked open another bottle of wine and passed out eventually. I know what you mean about the spot-light on you but the more you do it, it will fade! As irishlady said, You wear that gold medal because you should be VERY PROUD of yourself!! Good luck. B

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    coping with being af in social settings

    H guys, yeas I so agree with the above. I've been AF for 2 weeks and you know what I've found... most people are actually JEALOUS!!!! I've been using the excuse of Lent, but saying pretty much the same as Bella, that I wanted to give my body a rest and that Lent seemed like a good time to do it.

    Now I am saying to people that I feel so good (alert, happy positive, energised) that I might carry on, or at the very minimum seriously moderate (actually am VERy nervous about moderating , but will cross that bridge later...)

    I have found that people are really interested - when they see that you still enjoy the night out / party / pub lunch without the booze, it makes them think...

    also, to quote from another post I read, once your boozy mates have had thier 2nd drnk, they don't give a rats arse what you're drinking anyway.

    Best of luck D, Kate x

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    coping with being af in social settings

    Very good job everyone!!!
    I too have used what you have suggested including "alcohol just is not good to me" or "I'm concentrating on my health right now"

    Bella... good job on 27, and the victory of spending time with your son at the park instead of drinking at home....Wow, that is an inspiration...

    Keep up the good work everyone...

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    coping with being af in social settings


    Hi De and Mrs.

    I agree with all that has been said here.
    The words "Respect" and "Pride" really stand out. Concentrate on them. Ignor the "friends"(?) who are jealous .
    Work together as a team and press toward the goal of a wonderful life together. This will mean discussing ahead of time how to handle everything. "Three cords make a strong rope". God + De + Mrs. De.

    :l Nancy

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    coping with being af in social settings

    I've heard others say they have developed an ulcer so they can't drink.

    D~you'd be sooo suprised as how many people could care less if you are drinking or not. It's all in your mind. It's because our world has revolved around alcohol so much we assume everybody elses has too.

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    coping with being af in social settings

    Hi Determinator. Good to hear from you, you sound good. You know this is so simple but I just don't tell people anything. I f they ask if I want a drink I just say no thanks, I''m all set.
    Not to be cold but you don't owe anyone an explanation, it's none of there business.And as others have said you really do find that people don't notice or care ,or they really do envy you. Good Luck! Aquamarine

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    coping with being af in social settings

    Yup Mr D....I'm with the Sea Breez....because OUR worlds revolve around the old vino tinto, we often can't see that others just may not....perhaps......give it QUITE the same importance.

    And echoing a lot of the previous also, I reckon it's true...when you say you are cutting down/ stopping drinking...many people DO automatically say that they wish they could too, or 'good on you' or words to that effect....

    I tell people now that I don't drink....if they probe further and ask why, i tell them I want to be healthy...I eat better, and no one comments if I push wholemeal bread into my pie hole instead of crappy white, why would they?......people who are fixated with the idea of you not drinking are either those that a) get fed up with it VERY quickly after a couple of jokey comments....or b) have a problem themselves, and so THEY are fixated on the idea of someone not drinking as they can't understand how it could be possible...

    I don't mind either of the a or b option folk....I'm just glad to be option c
    As Oirish so rightly says...wear it like a medal my friend!!!!

    Love to you and your dear wife, and a very healthy social life my boy!!! xxx

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