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    drinking thoughts...

    So, I haven't been sleeping well.
    The days are still so long here and it starts to get light WAY too early.
    I am back to my afternoon naps, which I think is bad for my overall sleep patterns anyway. I try really hard not to sleep in the day.
    Good excuse: headache today. I have to nap on headache days, otherwise I am grumpy and start hating everything and anything in the line of fire.

    So, after my nap this afternoon (and very weird dreams of suffocating and lying in a coffin but able to watch all that was happening around me, which wasn't much as I was in my own bedroom. The mind is so weird sometimes. )
    and then I think : oh, I would love to be drunk.

    Then the thought just stopped dead there in it's tracks.
    This is my first drinking fantasy that didn't start with a sparkling image of cold white wine in a pretty glass. This one just fast forwarded to the drunk and nothing matters stage.
    Should I be worried?

    I am not. I am going to be happy the thought only lasted a couple of seconds.
    Just wanted to share that those drinking/drunk thoughts do get shorter and shorter. Probably they never die completely, but ....
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    I'm on my phone so will keep it short. This still happens to me. Even asleep, I can see where things will go. I think it's a good thing. B
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    Yeah, could be this headache today as I would love to be able to 'check out' so to speak.
    We are having the most beautiful summer over here! It is almost hard to believe we are in the Netherlands, feels more like the south of France.
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