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    You too DG thanks - that's why I didn't respond to him

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    What was he or she even talking about anyway? That if we drink moderately we might be suicidal? That we caused that poor woman to consider suicide? I did apologize on that goodbye thread for anything I might have said to trigger her thoughts (act?), but I can't believe that anything I said would have made that much of an impact.

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    Cashregister;1371447 wrote: "Why don't you "moderators" check in with the thread:GOODBYE TO EVERYONE

    Only trying to help, This stuff is not to be played with.
    You are only fooling yourselves!

    Did anyone see this on the thread where someone was purportedly going to commit suicide? This is disgusting IMO.
    I misunderstood this post at first and thought you sent it, but you were sharing what Bicyclesurfer was saying to our mod group. So this reply is to Bicyclesurfer should he or she lurk over here and see my response.

    Cashy, for me the word is sad rather than disgusting. I've been hanging here a long time and there was a different member who killed herself after one failed attempt that I know of. I don't follow the AF boards that well so don't remember all of the details but it was extremely painful for everyone who knew her online or in real life, as well as lurkers like me.

    Alcohol is a depressant and it does (very often) make people depressed. Think of the people crying in their beer when drinking, or anxiety ridden, depressed, and miserable after a night of drinking too much.

    The one thing to remember Bicyclesurfer, is that everyone here is at a different stage in their lives. Studies show that the small group of people (percentage wise) that can effectively moderate were never "alcoholic" in the first place, but were alcohol abusers. I personally don't relate to the slogan "It's 5 o clock somewhere". I don't have that struggle of ...I've GOT to have a drink! My life is kept busy with family, traveling, and school just ended (got a Masters degree) so I have been hitting the books and computer the last 2 1/2 years and didn't want even 1 glass of wine to interfere with my studies. That is a far cry from a person who starts drinking in the morning or the person who plots and plans all day of when they are going to have that next drink. My struggle however (and this is what makes me a non-normal drinker) is sometimes once I have a drink I really feel that desire to have a second and if I allow myself a third or more, then I have gone over the limit for what I feel comfortable with the next day. So I relate and understand the horrible craving part, but my problem is not life threatening and I am not going to destroy my liver because I have 3 drinks on a Saturday night and not 2.

    With all of that being said however, this is why I tread lightly on AF boards. Because for someone else, the next drink could literally kill them. My heart goes out to that writer's suffering (the one who was threatening suicide which prompted Bicyclesurfer's comment to us modders) but on a positive note, she has a lot of support over there with long term AFers who are working their program well and have lots of good advice, support, and friendship to offer her. All of those things the mod squad is working on over here as well. We're all here to take care of each other.:h


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