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    messed up

    High I've bean drinking a couple of strong largas a night for the last year or so sometimes more I'm feeling tired every day got feelings in my stomach like its going to explode I know it sounds wierd but in my head I'm not going yellow so my liver can cope denial I know but can't stop drinking when I get home in fear of not sleeping or having a fit any one help ?

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    messed up

    HI, Trimmer...
    I am sorry that no one responded right away. You posted this on the Long Term Moderators board, and there are some days no one checks in here at all. I hope you will consider posting on the "NEED HELP ASAP" board.... much quicker response time.

    I am not really sure what to tell you. It sounds as if you are dealing with some very strong feelings and worries, and believe me, all of us have gone the rounds with those things, too. If you are drinking very very heavily, perhaps you can start cutting back. Take it step by step.

    What is your end goal? Are you hoping to quit drinking or moderate? Self-control is a very difficult thing, and lots of folks find it easier to abstain entirely. Good luck, and let us know how you are doing.

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