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    I am hoping to stay at having a drink (or two, max) only one night a week. Last night was the night. Fussy frustrating day, stresses with extended family, critters being a bit wonky... all added up to a day when a drink sounded lovely. My husband suggested it. And he knows that I am working harder than ever to be careful with it, so that is good. I chose to pour my glass of wine but ALSO poured a big glass of half pomegranate juice, half diet tonic, and drank that first. I have found that sometimes it is low blood sugar that gets me on a roll. I think the juice helped curb the desire to just down the first wine and get right on to the second. I did have a second glass of wine, but it was after dinner and it was smaller.

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    That sounds good NNG. Just one drink a week ? I'm around 15/month, which is plenty. Still able to drink on occasions, but no more drinking away the day like the good old days.

    Oh yes, oh baby, oh yes....

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