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    I had a bad two days as well. I was doing so well I forgot my Kudzu and L-Glut, which really make a huge difference. Today is another day! I agree with NNG, be gentle with yourself.

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    I know it's September now, but I feel I needed to respond to Lash, don't feel bad about ranting, I do it all the time, and do I have those same bad days as you from time to time. I took a couple of days off before and after Labor Day and there were no real problems. I had a lot of weird dreams and definitely did not eat as well as I would like. I did spend some nice days drinking beer chatting up a bartender outdoors near the marina. I was running, not the times I liked, but when I got on the scale this morning I was like, "Whoa, time to get back into my normal routine."

    It's easy to lose track with friends, especially old ones, that you probably had a lot of fun drunken or high/drugged times with. On Saturday I woke up and saw four vm messages from three close friends I went to college with. They were all dated around 4:30am. I was a little nervous, last time I had calls like that it wasn't good news, or, what I was hoping for, they were hammered doing something stupid, good news, it was the latter and the messages were hilarious! They were all down in Ocean City, MD at one of their houses giving me crap, for sleeping, which I was. They had these dirt bikes and were cruising all around the beach, smashed. I hate to admit it, but I kind of wish I was there with them... :-)


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