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    Hello! I'm so sorry that I just dropped off like that. My work is way too much and I got to the stage where I had to start culling other commitments. Most people would say that a commitment to my health is more important than work but I would beg to differ. My health won't be supported by homelessness either...gotta pay them bills!
    Anyway I won't be logging on in a regular way as before, it's just too much commitment, and too hard to do when I only have access to my phone and not the laptop. I just wanted you all to know that I do think of you with great care for how you're doing and I wish you all very well.

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    Emmy Lou, we will miss you! Good luck with all you do, and thank you for sharing your verve and energy with us. Come back once in awhile just to tell us how you are.

    How's everyone else doing? I am hanging in there, with my husband now half-way through his three week absence. Lonely, and brings back lots of very bad memories of being a new widow, but this time around there is a happy ending coming. I try to do a project everyday, just to keep busy. That, and lots and lots of walks with the little dog. She keeps trying to tell me, "Hey, notice anything missing in the house?" Yep. I do. Ah, well. Day by day. Thank goodness for all the moderating skills.

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