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      rewiring your brain chemistry

      How many people had to rewire their brain chemistry before they could mod? I had to rewire mine first with lamictal/abilify maintena/sertraline. I would not have a hope in hell of modding if i had not done this first. I have been modding for 6 +months now.

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      is all I want is NZT-48
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      Re: rewiring your brain chemistry

      I used/only been on baclofen for last 2 days and it has helped me have a clearer head and sleep . I'm taking 3 x 10mg/day and is now Day 14 of my quit. AF & NF
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      Re: rewiring your brain chemistry

      you may have to.. go a long period with no AL helps a lot and is sometimes necessary... like 30 days plus.. some AL you won't even be able to drink anymore, usually hard liquor though. I was never a real big hard liquor drinker though. I've actually been successfully modding again... I just had a son early August and that helps a lot actually, you don't want to be impaired with a newborn.. but I've been out with my wife (and him)...and had like a beer. My wife and I from time to time, will have a glass or two of wine.. but nothing that makes me feel awful the next day or drunk. Honestly, I probably could use a night out... LOL. The only time I felt the desire to drink more than I was intending, was actually yesterday, My mom took our son so my wife and I went out for brunch (I live in NYC). I had two glasses of wine and so was jonesing for a third.. my wife told me I didn't real want that...she was right. I ordered another little app instead... I find that things that go down easy... white wine, light beer, etc., ironically, can cause more issues.. especially white wine, because you will eventually feel it, even if it's just the sugar.. hope all is well.




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