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    Thanks to Ne for starting this thread and to all those who have added their baclofen success stories. It is just what those of us new to the challenge of doing the same thing need!

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    I have copy and pasted this from a thread where I posted it yesterday.

    Excuse my laziness.

    Thanks to baclofenI have been able to live a life where AL is no longer my master whether it be drunk or sober.I no longer live in fear that I may fall into the snare of AL again.I can have a drink if I choose and I can happily and easily live without it.Some nights I drink too much and others I don't.Most nights I don't drink at all and I live a very healthy life.If I have a big night it is not the end of the world.
    This does not mean that I am now someone who focuses on living and eating only fresh and healthy produce and I exercise every day(I have not swapped my addiction for another healthier one although there is nothing wrong with this if that is what someone chooses).I have a foot injury and can't really exercise in the ways that I would like to anyway,but it means I am productive(I run a small company and am studying),I am raising happy well adjusted children and I certainly don't live in fear of whether AL is going to inevitably ruin my and my families lives again.
    I can recall when the battle with AL was paramount and had to be won at all costs but thanks to baclofen I am not there anymore.This is what can be experienced with baclofen,it is no longer a day by day battle.
    I don't count days or have a sober date,I don't live with old concepts of recovery indoctrination or conditioning.I simply live life grateful for what I found after reading Dr A's book and beginning my journey.
    I do choose to keep spiritual concepts in my life as I am not an intellectual or an academic and do not believe that I can outsmart the universe but this is my personal thing.It is not a hangover from 12 step fellowship brainwashing,I have been like this for most of my life(I was not raised religious in any way and am not religious now).I do not attend any organised spiritual association or anything like that,I am actually opposed to these types of things.I try to live my life as in the moment as possible,for me this is spirituality.My concept of a God is that I could never understand the infinite with my finite mind.I am not an idealist and/or some type of freaky evangelist.

    My life after hitting the switch is a much better place to be than white knuckle abstinence and rip roaring drunkenness,I now have the power of choice which I never had before.

    I hope that any newcomers that may read this can understand that if they can keep the course and the SE's don't become too much that this is what bac can offer.
    Obviously each persons outcomes will be different,we are all different with different goals and values.

    The battle which seems to be so hard right now does have an end and freedom from AL is a possibility.

    Cheers Stevo.

    EDIT-I did not want to leave this sounding like a fairy tale and I have skipped pleasantly into the sunset never to have a problem again.Mistakes on my journey have been made and will be made again,this is life I am talking about and mistakes have been a great way for me to learn(even if they are painful)ha.The main point I am trying to make is that my life with baclofen in it is vastly better and easier to live than it was previously whether I was abstinent or drunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostinspace View Post
    I was gonna write a really long-winded story of my entire bac journey. But it??s all on my thread for anyone who cares to read. The short version: before starting on bac, I was drinking a liter and a half of vodka a day, terribly physically addicted, very, very sick, and my daily life was miserable beyond words. I never in a million years thought I could break my two decades long addiction to booze, but I was willing to give bac a shot after reading all the research and all the positive reports here. Today, I am free of any and all cravings, or even thoughts, of drinking. Unlike what I had been told for years, I??m not doomed to a lifetime of AA attendance and working daily to safeguard my sobriety. I don??t have to safeguard anything. Sobriety is now the easiest part of my day. Of course, there??s life and all its attendant problems. These things must now be dealt with head on. I also have panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder which need both medical treatment and other forms of help (exercise, breathing exercises, etc.). But I don??t have to put any thought whatsoever into maintaining my sobriety. It simply maintains itself. This is a freedom I had never before imagined possible and am still unbelievably grateful for every day. So, thank you Dr. A, and thank you to all the wonderful people here who helped me along the way

    Fuck Yeah, LIS!

    Congratulations! -tk

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    Awww. Thanks, tk

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    I posted this on my thread but I'll post here too for Ne.

    Yesterday was 3 years since I started baclofen. I'm off it now because I felt steady and stable in my rarely drinking. I run and have had a few tendon related injuries and I wondered if the muscle relaxant aspect of baclofen was affecting me. I'm thrilled to report that all is well with me and I'm thankful to all of you here that helped me.

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    Re: Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    Many happy stories in this thread

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    Re: Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    I was reading through this thread today and thought I’d give it a bump. Truly inspirational.

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    Re: Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    @Mom2JTx3, thank you so much for bumping this thread. I just spent a good amount of time re-reading every story. It's so inspirational.

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