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    25th June, 2010.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    I'm sure it's been done before, and will be done again, but it's fun, so why not right now?
    This thread could also be known as:

    Finding indifference/the sweet spot/the switch/the golden level
    An Ode to Bac
    and OH!
    bleep;1052742 wrote: [img][/IMG]
    Add your own success story, or quote in some of the old ones, if you'd like. but please add in some titles that are much more clever.
    I dedicate this thread to Dr. Olivier Ameisen, without whom none of us would have found this way out!

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    25th June, 2010.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    Here's mine!

    I reached indifference last Friday.
    I got home from work, was on the phone, did the usual. It was a couple of hours later that I realized I hadn't thought about having a cold beer. There were plenty in the fridge. And it was a REALLY lousy week. Still, it never crossed my mind.
    Got a call from a MWO friend at 900pm just as I was about to run the vacuum cleaner. Spent an hour on the phone, then another hour on the phone with a local friend. Didn't want a drink.
    It's been years since I've been able to talk on the phone after 8pm.

    On Thursday night, after reading Reggie's post-switch post, and watching the video Otter reposted, I decided to go AF. I thought it would be a struggle the way it was the last time. Ha! Not even close. I simply forgot about booze.
    Saturday was a little different. I definitely craved AL around the witching hour, but as it turns out, I was probably 80mg short of the goal of 320mg/day. (I'll never be sure.) But I'd put the beer in the house in the trunk of my car which is about 30feet away, and I couldn't be bothered to go get it.
    Sunday I was bac on track, with a healthy 280mg in my system and feeling much better by the end of the day. Very little urge to drink, though husband was throwing back some very good beer and wine in order to celebrate the superbowl. My friend came over and we chatted for a while. He went home. I went to bed.
    Monday (yesterday) 300mg ingested, it was simple again.
    Four nights sober, and over a weekend! Four mornings without the slightest hint of a hangover or remorse for ingesting even one drop of AL. It's pretty unreal, people. But it's true, and achievable.

    The week previous to the switch I drank maybe a dozen beers. Maybe. Over the course of a week! And still felt badly about it, worried that I would never hit the switch, find indifference, not care anymore. But here it is!

    I'm looking forward to calling the Good Doctor (the only one I know, ftr, who has earned that title). I hope that he'll prescribe some xanax, even though I'm still nervous about taking ANYTHING other than baclofen. Much less something addictive. Still, I need more sleep and I trust him more than anyone other than a couple of people around here.

    For all the angst I share on here, my 'real' life does not reflect that. I've been incredibly productive. Cleaning up literally and figuratively. Financial stuff that has weighed heavily on me for months and months. Taken care of in an afternoon. I'm looking for laundry to do at this point. I figure that the next time my home is messy and someone pops by I won't be ashamed of it. It'll be messy because I just didn't have the time/inclination to do anything about it. Not because I'm a hopeless drunk. And people can stop by now! Not that I'm the best conversationalist. Still pretty bac'd out and I'm having trouble following my own train of thought to fruition, as it were.
    Even bac'd out I'm a better friend/person/etc... than I was even a month ago.
    I'm worried about weighing in on other threads, atm. So I'll stick to this one.
    I'm probably going to have to edit the heck out of this as it is.

    s and and
    oh. and woohoooo!
    (Almost 4 months to the day after I started this bac journey. 11 months after I found OA's book. Less than a year, not bad in the scheme of things!)

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    17th December, 2010.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    This is absolutely fantastic news! :applaud: Four nights sober, and over Super Bowl Sunday, is amazing. All the other comments you make about getting your life back in order are very encouraging. This is awesome, Ne!

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    20th January, 2010.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    I've been following your posts and am thrilled that you're doing so well. I tend to drop in and out of MWO due to life demands but it's inspiring to see the continued success among members.
    Please keep us posted...

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    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    So good to see it posted, and inspite of all the online rollercoaster, you're saying you're doing well? Viva la difference! A new woman! Congratulations Karen, I know how hard you've worked to get here.

    What are your plans for bac going forward?

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    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    Congratulations! (and welcome to the club). -tk switched @280mg/day Sept 26th 2010, @260mg/day currently.

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    25th June, 2010.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    Thanks, friends. I was sort of hoping this thread would be a collection of switch stories. Please someone (bleep!!!) quote your own (most beautiful, bleep) indifference/switch post here. I'm going to hunt down the ones that moved me (reggie/moglor most immediately) and post them here this weekend when I have some more time. Fair warning. If yours is not listed here, I'm going to put it up for my own happiness (of course) but also for posterity.

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    18th January, 2011.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    That's a very nice story. It's even nicer that you're able to confide in a doctor who understands what you're doing.

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    25th January, 2011.

    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    bleep;1048427 wrote: This is my new username. The 69 was originally chosen after being suggested by a forum, when my chosen name was in use. Being me, I thought “Tee hee”, and have never looked back. It’s time to drop it. New beginnings…

    I went in to my son’s room, and offered up a silent prayer, so profoundly thankful that he would live a life without the cloud of an alcoholic parent hanging over him.

    I reached my switch after only 3 weeks, at 360mg’s per day, broken into 10 x 30mg doses. I had been on this dose for a day, dropping back down from 400mg’s. It is my belief that this even spread of dosage helped. I feel a fraud, having gotten here so easily, but I hope my musings will help those who come later. Come they will, because what is happening here will open a floodgate…

    I reached it 2 days ago, when I had a cup of tea after a glass of wine. At first, I felt empty. The “goodbye old friend” feeling. Then I realised what had happened, and thought “Hah, fuck you booze, I win.” Against the odds, which have already turned against booze, for everyone, after years of booze being in control. I hesitated to post this, because it is so soon, but there is no doubt in my mind. I am filled with a quiet joy.

    My plan is to go up one more level and remain there for a bit, then titrate slowly down to find my maintenance dose, which is hopefully low. Whatever it is, so be it. I want to be sure sure sure.

    This is, and will always be, the happiest post I have ever made.

    I want to thank my family, who put up with my endless shit, and stood by me through this. Everyone on this forum, and this forum itself, for being there. Without you, this journey would not have begun, and if it somehow did, would have been much harder. And of course, thank you to Dr. Ameisen without whom this definitely would not be possible.

    My name is Ryan, and I was an alcoholic.
    I hear you neva. There are some of the earlier ones I read from way back when, that I'm trying to dig up as we speak...

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    Sweet success! (with baclofen)

    This is great. I mentioned earlier somebody should make a book of all the stories of switches. Now all the work is being done here. When it's all assembled, voila! Could be a bestseller (and not just in the addict community, either). We could also solicit stories from those that reached the switch, but never posted a story about it.

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