Morning! (for me)

A new and unrelated to bac SE? I couldn't figure out why I was suddenly getting intense headaches and feeling a little nauseous in the late afternoon. Of course, I thought it was bac-related and considered changing my late afternoon dose. Problem is, that one is just pre-witching-hour and in my experience, the most important one of the day.
I had a yet another cup of coffee the other afternoon. Lo and behold, the headache/nauseau went away. Imagine that?
Considering the fact that I couldn't really stomach more than a cup of coffee when I was drinking, and now I drink caffeine throughout the day, until about 2pm, it's not a shock that I didn't recognize caffeine withdrawal! I'm very glad I didn't play with the bac.

Newbie to MWO:
The quoting thing can be baffling. At the bottom of each post there are a couple of buttons. One says quote. You can click on that and it will quote the whole passage. You can delete what isn't relevant to your point, but don't alter the brackets. eg.
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You can quote multiple posts by using the button to the right of the 'quote' button. It's got a " in it. That allows you to choose more than one post to quote and then you can paste and edit as you see fit. Get carried away! It's super fun to feel like a MWO ninja.
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