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    Quote Originally Posted by miranda212 View Post
    But most challenging was the emergence of 'a self.' Once I was relieved of the pervasive anxiety, anxiety I was unaware of, it was as if my psyche rapidly matured.
    Miranda- something like this happened to me, too, though as an effect of an antidepressant (not baclofen). With the subconscious anxiety at bay, I was confronted with an initially confusing self-awareness of certain longstanding defense mechanisms. I could see for the first time that I was being driven by a lot of egocentric, selfish and grandiose motivations- and that my abuse of alcohol was just playing into the whole presentation. Having seen through to the reality of this, I was motivated to remove alcohol from the picture at least long enough to get a better grasp on my underlying personality and its quirks. And I do know they discuss a lot of this stuff in AA- I don't attend meetings but I do listen to speaker tapes at the gym quite often. But I think that for some of us, we could go to AA for decades without making the progress we would make if we could find the right medication (and could render ourselves free from alcohol long enough to let it work!). Maybe that means some of us are not "real alcoholics"- I don't know. Frankly I think I've earned my seat at any AA meeting and I wouldn't hesitate to take it, if I thought it would give me half the relief from anxiety/tension (or whatever it is that holds me back from fully participating in life), that an effective medication gives me (before it inevitably poops out).

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    Quote Originally Posted by miranda212 View Post
    distracted by anxiety
    This is so important to see. If a person persistently feels fearful, they can figure out pretty quickly that they suffer from anxiety. But if a person has this persistent underlying sense of distraction that causes him or her to miss out on living a full life-but suffers little if any outright fear-it is damn hard to put a label on it! What the hell is wrong with me? I'm not fearful, so I must not have an anxiety disorder. I'm not sad, so I must not be depressed. I make it to places on time and don't forget to show up, so I must not have ADD (besides, the ADD stimulants don't help and instead make things worse). So what in the hell is wrong with me, you can't help but think. Well, I like to drink because a couple of glasses of something makes it feel better. So maybe I'm an alcoholic then? Is that what's wrong with me? But I have no trouble stopping, either, so what's that all about? Ah, it's a mystery indeed! Miranda, I think your simple, concise description is so eye-opening: "distracted by anxiety"

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    My wife had something similar. Before she took baclofen she would drink a liter of vodka a day and her whole body would just "lock up" and she just could not get off the floor and play squash. This was a real impediment to her progressing towards getting on her national squash team and competing in the Olympics.

    Anyway, she took baclofen and realized that the reason she was collapsing on the floor for hours at a time and waking up in a pool of her own vomit was the alcohol.

    Unfortunately, the years of heavy drinking led her to miss qualifying for the Olympics.

    Olivier Ameisen

    In addiction, suppression of symptoms should suppress the disease altogether since addiction is, as he observed, a "symptom-driven disease". Of all "anticraving medications used in animals, only one - baclofen - has the unique property of suppressing the motivation to consume cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and d-amphetamine"

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    Re: Baclofen and Anxiety

    Bumping, because this is a great thread.

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    Re: Baclofen and Anxiety

    Funny thing I started this thread eight years ago. I parsed through it this evening and it brought back many memories of those days when baclofen looked like it might be the real deal. Like most posters I've drifted away and life has taken over. Still I hope there is a real 'way out' and that folks who come to this thread might gain some hope from the positive experiences of others...
    With profound appreciation to Dr Olivier Ameisen for his brilliant insight and courageous determination

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