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      Re: Checking in - October 2017

      @Otter. I think most people view alcoholism as a character flaw or failure. That’s why people don’t get on board a medical solution. Even some alcoholics don’t believe in medication which blows my mind. Any and all tools in the arsonel should be considered IMO.

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      Re: Checking in - October 2017

      Yes, that's right. I just remember when I was at university, back before fax machines were invented, at lunch with some others in my class, a friend told us about a new invention, the laser disk or CD and that this would revolutionise the music industry. He was an engineer so he explained how a CD would hold so much more information and he explained how it worked. Everyone listened intently and no one doubted what he was saying. Another friend, also at the same table, once told me about Gaia, the sort of new world religion. I listened. I thought it was nonsense but I nodded with appreciation and sort of got what he was meaning to say, in the circumstances.

      But, with baclofen, it's a different trip. I went out to dinner with a committee I'm on and I told the woman sitting next to me I'd just spoken at a conference about alcoholism. She didn't say, "oh, that's interesting" or ask me about why I did this or what my talk was about. She said "Are you a recovering alcoholic?". I sat there, with my coke, she with her glass of wine, just dumbfounded. That is the general reaction, unanimously. It's like I'm in a locked room with all the nay-sayers in the world and I can't find a single person who has any interest in this at any level. What the heck is going on?



      Olivier Ameisen

      In addiction, suppression of symptoms should suppress the disease altogether since addiction is, as he observed, a "symptom-driven disease". Of all "anticraving medications used in animals, only one - baclofen - has the unique property of suppressing the motivation to consume cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and d-amphetamine"

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