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      Re: Baclofenman - My Story of Baclofen Two years in.

      Hi Elizabeth - unfortunately I don't get as much time for forums aa I used to and as I have been away from home for the last week or so I have been without my laptop and I do detest typing on my phone as the mobile site here is rubbish and I have big hands so typing is a nightmare

      I will keep an eye on your progress and reply fully when u get home next weekend.

      're the bear....to me that is a mind focus excersise . It will seem a long way away but there will be a time when you can think about a drink and then divert your thoughts straight onto a different subject

      You will be wise to follow Amanda's advice, after all she IS a doctor
      I am not a Doctor - I am an alcoholic.
      Thoughts expressed here are my own, often poorly put together and littered with atrocious grammar and spelling.
      AF since 2nd January 2016.

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      Re: Baclofenman - My Story of Baclofen Two years in.

      Further update.

      Unfortunately my clinical psychologist cancelled our appointment due to a death in his family. Next available slot is 6th of May.
      I am feeling somewhat frantic about our 6 week trip to uk starting on 12th May.
      I am generally drinking every second day, normally 2 bottles of wine, trying desperately to cut down with limited success.

      My dilemma is that since I increased from 100mgs to 125 mgs per day of baclofen, this cough and the accompanying incontinence has returned with a vengeance. So I am very reluctant to increase agin, even though I wanted to be on 150 a day before we left. My last increase was 10 days ago, the dizziness etc has now worn off again, but I can hardly stay at relatives homes with this incontinence condition. Sanitary pads are almost useless. Although I am using them.

      In my desperation I have been researching constantly and came across several articles and studies which linked the desire to drink too much alcohol to anti depressants.
      Sorry this is turning into a very long post. Now I was sober for 6 1/2 years, until 8 years ago. But anxiety attacks were totally debilitating. I had to sell my business etc.I went into a private clinic for 5 weeks, where imo they treated me as a guinea pig, changing drugs on an almost daily basis. Nothing helped and when I left as a zombie on 7 different drugs,I quit the whole lot cold turkey, not to be advised. It was dreadful.
      Anyway, then I was left with me and my anxiety, suicidal thoughts and an overthinking head.
      After a couple of weeks my GP eventually managed to persuade me to go on prozac. She said they were the oldest drug and were even used on 10 year old kids.
      So reluctantly, I agreed. She also prescribed valium on an as needed basis.

      It is difficult to remember, but perhaps my depression lifted a little but everything else continued as before. Then I started to really crave alcohol again and decided to drink.
      I am now thinking that perhaps the prozac actually caused this craving, which had more or less vanished after such a long period of sobriety.

      After studying some of these articles I am concluding that perhaps the prozac did lead me back to my drinking. Even people who have had no AUD have become alcoholics after taking AD's
      What is done is done, I very rarely feel depressed nowadays and have decided to very slowly to wean down or even off the prozac.

      I am wondering if anyone here knows of or has experienced this connection. If it is correct, it could be a game changer. Baclofen has reduced my anxiety hugely. I have also read that it can help with depression.

      I feel a bit self indulgent typing all of the stuff out about ME. But I so hope to get some dialogue going on this subject and hopefully help others.
      If you are still with me. Thank you for your patience.

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      Re: Baclofenman - My Story of Baclofen Two years in.

      I have also heard that ADs can cause an uptick in alcohol use and lead to AUD. I too wonder if my ADs led to my AUD, as previous to starting them I was in control of my alcohol use. But, they have been very helpful for managing depression & anxiety. I guess I’ll never know for sure if the two are interrelated in my case or not.
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      Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.

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      is sober because of Baclofen.
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      Re: Baclofenman - My Story of Baclofen Two years in.

      Elizabeth. Have you tried increasing VERY slowly? I was going up only 5mg at a time on Baclofen during a period where side effects were bad. Try 5mg a week or or longer is necessary until the SEs reduce. I’ve found that the body did adjust.

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