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      George Koob under investigation by the NIH

      I just read in Science that George Koob is being investigated for stopping funding of policy studies. NIH will examine whether director of alcoholism institute improperly stopped funding policy studies | Science | AAAS

      I have written an open letter to the author of the article about Koob. This seems to me to explain why baclofen has had such a hard time being accepted in the mainstream medical fraternity and by government: Open letter to Science Magazine regarding NIH investigation of George Koob – BACLOFENISTA

      The NIH is now funding trials of Gabapentin encarbil. It, along with Arbaclofen, are now being put forward by Xenoport and Invidior, ie., Reckitts Benckiser, who stand to make billions out of these products as consumer alcohol and drugs treatments.

      And here we were, thinking that baclofen doesn't work because no one is interested in promoting it, all the while people like Koob are in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. What hope is there for these treatments. The little people try to get the message out so others can get help,while those in political positions use those positions to further the interests of their friends in big business.



      Olivier Ameisen

      In addiction, suppression of symptoms should suppress the disease altogether since addiction is, as he observed, a "symptom-driven disease". Of all "anticraving medications used in animals, only one - baclofen - has the unique property of suppressing the motivation to consume cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and d-amphetamine"

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      Re: George Koob under investigation by the NIH

      Well said, Otter! It explains a lot. How sad to think of the lives lost while professionals who should care for people's health plot with Big Pharma to make their fortunes.

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