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    hypomania/mania with an alcoholic face

    From what I can see mania/hypomania does not always look like mania/hypomania. Sometimes it looks like spending sprees. Sometimes it looks like risky sexual encounters. Sometimes it looks like creativity. Sometimes it looks like hypergraphia. Sometimes it looks like anger etc etc etc.

    Why am I so interested? I was a raging insane alcoholic for 20 years. My last pdoc but me on Abilify Maintena injections and my alcoholism disappeared overnight. I drink normally now and have done for over a year.

    I pulled the internet apart. The current literature shows that these injections are NOT a cure for alcoholism but do treat mania. Does that mean my alcoholism was a face for hypomania? I Found one other post on the net from someone who said that this happened to them too but when I tried to contact them there was no reply. Other than that there is nothing. Zilch. I appear to be the only one posting about this on the world wide web. Have you tried this drug? If so would you please post your story cos I would love to talk to someone else who understands.

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    Re: hypomania/mania with an alcoholic face

    Hi. I haven't taken Abilify but I did take baclofen and I believe baclofen is used to treat other compulsive behaviors with success. I know my answer doesn't really address your question but I wanted to acknowledge your post. I hope you get some input.

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