My husband started taking Naltrexone a couple years ago. At first he had wanted to try The Sinclair Method but decided taking it every day worked better for him. For the first year the med was absolutely amazing. We called it a miracle drug. He had no desire to drink and his mood was much improved. On a rare occasion he'd have 1 beer or wine and barely interested in finishing it. He never had his "drug" of choice, Vodka, figuring that would be pushing things too far. The other positive outcome with the naltrexone is he no longer played video games excessively. He'd play for a short time, enjoy himself and then easily move on to something else. So this was great while it lasted. But now he is back to binge drinking. He has a bender that lasts a week + and then be fine for 5-9 months which was his typical drinking pattern before naltrexone. He is also back to being moody often.

So my question is has anyone found they need a higher dose than the standard 50mg? He has tried taking a second 50mg dose 10-12 hours after the first dose but that doesn't seem to make a difference.