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Thread: Ssri

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    Re: Ssri

    I did taper off per my doctors instructions. I wanted to do it quicker but once the "brain zaps" started I slowed down as I was *NOT* prepared for those at all! I still am sooooo *PISSED* at my doctor for prescribing SSRI's. Worst choice he could have made for me.
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    Re: Ssri

    Even though I imagine they help some people, and my brain may be hyper sensitive, I am SUPER WARY of anything that messes with serotonin. Now I'm sure some of this is interaction with with alcohol PAWS, but I think even very low dose trazodone messed me up: initially it seemed to help, then it pushed me into overdrive (totally wired, panic attacks etc.), then shifted more into depression after I stopped taking it. Also, I've had a similar bad reaction to 5-HTP supplements (precursor to serotonin) many years ago. I can only imagine that trying to come off long time SSRI use could be very tricky.

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