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    Searching for Baclofen scrip in Chicago again and my story.

    I originally started taking Baclofen almost ten years ago under the care of Dr Fred Levin here in Chicago. After Fred lost his license and couldn’t prescribe medication anymore and I fortunately found help through Ethan and his liquid Bac until he passed (Ethan was a close friend). With some research and some do diligence, I ordered my own Kilogram a Baclofen from China and started manufacturing liquid baclofen for myself and some of my friends locally here in Chicago. Seven years past and then Covid hit, simultaneously I’m nearing the end of my supply of Baclofen. I did the math and basically titrated down to zero based on the amount of Baclofen I had left. At this point I was looking forward to living life Baclofen free. I had always wondered what and when I would, if I would stop taking baclofen.

    Simultaneously my mother suffering from cancer unexpectedly died before her time. Kind of the perfect storm. Although, I am still highly functioning now going on about 10 months of daily drinking, I am now once again in a desperate search to find a prescription for Baclofen that will give me the freedom to live a healthy life.
    I’ve been as high as 545 mg a day on baclofen, my most recent and lowest stable dose was 120 mg. I am currently prescribed 60 mg from my doctor but that’s clearly not cutting it.

    Now getting the pure chemical is much harder as Alibaba no longer sells pharmaceutical chemicals.
    I am in touch with the original manufacturer that provided me with basically 7 years of baclofen but there is no way to secure the transaction, therefore I am hesitant to purchase direct from them and worried about our relations with China and shipping concerns. I am located in Chicago IL.

    Anyone reading this who is familiar with my story and or the people involved, I wish you nothing but love. For all other sufferers, know this, Baclofen saved my life but you have to want to save your life. Exercise, healthy living and therapy go perfectly with the High Dose Baclofen for Alcoholism treatment and are required IMHO. The biggest benefit to HD Baclofen treatment is you finally get to reclaim you life and start healing but its all a process, not a magic pill (although it kind of is magical). The almost decade of time I had living healthy gave me great insights to my suffering and the healthy time needed to heal.

    Peace and Love to All

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