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    Baclofen / UK Doctor or Psychiatrist


    Iím looking to find a psychiatrist or doctor in the UK, whoís familiar with Baclofen treatment.

    Currently, Iíve been through two psychiatrists (one private and the other on NHS), along with my GP. However, they view the use of Baclofen as an addiction, rather than dependence.

    Iím willing to pay to go private, if thereís anyone who understands the role of Baclofen in treating a genetic deficiency resulting in being predisposed to alcoholism. However, Iíve no idea where to look.

    If anyone could possibly point me in the right direction, Iíd greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: Baclofen / UK Doctor or Psychiatrist

    I am not in England, so I won't be much help.

    I did recently have a supply problem and was directed to several online chemists, they are reputable and I have received my first order.

    Maybe this is a way you can access baclofen?

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    Re: Baclofen / UK Doctor or Psychiatrist

    Go to your GP and have him get in touch with Castle Craig rehab in Scotland where Dr Jonathan Chick is or was when I last checked, their psychiatric consultant. He is the top doctor in the UK in Baclofen. He will advise your GP on prescribing or prescribe privately. I know a other if he isn't available.

    Olivier Ameisen

    In addiction, suppression of symptoms should suppress the disease altogether since addiction is, as he observed, a "symptom-driven disease". Of all "anticraving medications used in animals, only one - baclofen - has the unique property of suppressing the motivation to consume cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and d-amphetamine"

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