Hi everybody
I have been taking Baclofen since about 10 years, at varying dosages.
I have been taking it more for anxiety and PTSD than because if alcohol abuse.
I have been enjoying its libido enhancing effects, and its mood enhancing effects. But it makes me also irritable, causes mood swings, affects memory and sleep, and raises blood pressure. I am currently at 250 mg/day.
Reducing the dosage has been surprisingly hard as all demons seem to raise from hell if I drop below a certain level. I have been trying since two months now with little progress.
Well, I adopted a very healthy life style involving only unprocessed food, intermittent fasting, exercise (running, strength training) and dropped all other drugs except coffee.
Now It seems that I may need to accept a certain level of sleeplessness to reduce the dosage. If I wake up at three thirty at night, I will not take much Baclofen to fall asleep again.
Has it been esy for all of you to taper Baclofen?