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    Inn for 30, Monday October 15th

    Top of the Mornin? to You All!

    Suze - Don?t have to post the guidelines every day, only on Sundays, so feel free to start the daily thread if you are ?up? first.

    Hope everybody had a great sleep! I did hear a little scuffling in the hallway, (hmmm, yes, did sound sorta like baseball bats - think may have been out and about? Could be some interesting stories around the breakfast table?

    Well, just a quick dip In the pool,
    Complementary swim goggles available at the desk, everyone.

    And then off I go to work. Hope you all have a great AF day, see you tonight! Attached files [img]/converted_files/13189=3698-attachment.gif[/img] [img]/converted_files/13189=2119-attachment.jpg[/img] [img]/converted_files/13189=2121-attachment.gif[/img] [img]/converted_files/13189=2122-attachment.gif[/img]

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    Inn for 30, Monday October 15th

    It wasn't the booze beast you heard, it was me. Up and snuffling around the hallways looking for some cold medicine.

    I didn't see Al and was hoping to catch a glimpse of Horatio but I guess he was otherwise engaged.

    I think I will just laze by the pool today and let the staff wait on me.

    Have a wonderful day,

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    Inn for 30, Monday October 15th

    Hi Cindi & Hannah: I had a wonderful AF weekend. I feel like the romantic fantasy of cocktails & wh. wine is a thing of the past. I know the reality of what alcohol does to me. I won't choose to drink today. I have a full day of babysitting the 2 g-sons. I'll bring our puppy'll be tiring but fun. Take care of your sobriety. Love, Mary

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    Inn for 30, Monday October 15th

    Hi everyone, I had a good evening too. Its soooo nice waking up in the middle of the night naturally, knowing you can get back to sleep without those horrible panic/anxiety attacks. I would just like to thank Management for my room - its very nice and I've already decided I shall stay here next month as well!! No sign of Al and I'm looking forward to day 15 - halfway there!!


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    Inn for 30, Monday October 15th

    Good Morning Inn-mates!

    Day 2 today.. wasn't sure where to post.. I am easily confused.

    Sven was wonderful last night, but I was still up with my back. Going to the chiropractor today and hopefully figure out what;s up.

    Love being in a safe place here in the Inn. No need to leave.. I have food, friends, exercise, a quiet place to sit, and of course an overabundance of fantastic support and advise.

    Thank you all for being here..



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    Inn for 30, Monday October 15th

    Just how many Inn's do we have?

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