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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Good morning Jewels

    Just thought I would start us off on our third week.

    Chill - big hugs, hope you are feeling better. I did not see your post but please do not feel that you cannot come on here and vent. That is what we are here for. You give so much of yourself to this site and this thread. Let the rest of us be there for you when you need it.

    Dew - Glad you enjoyed the indian head massage course and hope that you too are feeling a little better today.

    Star - My daughter gave 'The Hidden Child' by Camilla Lackberg, a Swedish author. I enjoyed it, different and well thought out. It was the first of hers I had read.

    Rusty, Cyn, LBH, Sooty, Lav, Dill, Papmom, Cassia. SD and anyone else I missed big hello and have a great AF week.


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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Good morning all...

    Chill, you are going through alot right now, and please know that it is good for you to vent on this sight....we have all done so when we needed to. After all, what you described, selling your possessions, downsizing your environment, keeping your dog, those are huge. I would be concerned too and need to talk. So, please don't hesitate, and I know every regular person on this thread agrees. You have always been so supportive to us, now it is our turn. I wonder if you have a hard time asking for support...I know I have in the past. On the other hand, I have asked for support, risked looking weak, and people in my life have stepped up. So, it is a risk, but you sound so alone and need support.

    SD, seven months AF is amazing...can you move your son away from his father? I just wondered as I work with some divorced women who are unable to move out of the area for that reason. Is it your job that is motivating you to move? Sorry the Packers lost, it WAS painful to watch.

    Rusty, it must be wonderful to lose that much weight and gain control of your body. It is impossible to lose weight and drink. They do not go together. I think the self-respect is one of the best things about being AF.

    I am achy today as I woke up numerous times with hot flashes, tossed and turned, it was miserable. I AM going to try and make a doctor's appointment today, I promise LAV. I am sick and tired of this and for some reason it is getting worse. I feel like I am aging as we speak. It will be good for me to go to work today, I felt closed in yesterday, with too much loud TV, football, and winter.

    Hello to Rustop, Dill, LBH, Cyn, Dew, Cassia, and anyone I missed.

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Good Morning, Jewels!

    Chill-Like everyone else said, you have been here for all of us during their challenges, hurts and disappoints. What goes around comes around, darlin'. We're all here for you.:l Lean on us....we're good listeners.

    Has anyone heard from Papmom? I'm really worried.

    Star-I think you're right....some of us don't want to ask for help. I certainly didn't want to....I thought, "well, I can do this myself." Well, it would have helped if I had seriously made a commitment to quit drinking, but I didn't. I was afraid of asking for help when I was younger....all the way through school. I didn't want to look stupid and weak. Now I realize that I was stupid and weak for NOT asking for help with everything from school to quitting drinking.

    SD-what a calamitous game!! GRRRRRR.....Ok, year, you won't be making any commercials as you will be concentrating on your passing work. You need a lot of help. JUST ASK :H I'm sorry you're feeling so down. Wow, and you're almost at the 7 month mark. WHOO WHOO! Those feelings of despair and helplessness seem to be much more severe now that we're AF....because when we were drinking....we used AL to numb and bury our feelings.

    Sped-I felt so sorry for you...knowing that you were in Oklahoma. Ugh. Not at all a state I like. Flat.,,,ugly....same with Texas. I will be there next week :-( Have a safe journey home!

    To everyone else, have a fabulous AF Monday!

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Good morning Jewels!

    My jewels are pretty much frozen this morning - Brrr.

    Chill, I did not see your post yesterday. I'm sorry you were feeling so down. Today will be better & remember there are lots of hugs here for you.:l

    Rustop, I'm drinking Irish Creme coffee this morning (non-alcoholic of course) & thinking of you

    Star, hope you get the doc to put you on the Vivelle patch & Prometrium I'm on. When the dose is right it's like heaven

    Rusty, do you yell at the TV when watching football? :H
    I don't watch much football, I leave it to those who really enjoy the game. I haven't heard from papmom for a few days - uh oh

    OK, off to get my day going! Wishing everyone a fantastic AF Monday!


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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Hello all - I was in the middle of a post on Saturday when my computer had some weird issues (something flashed on the screen that said 'Jim is dead', and then Windows said it was updating...uugh) I ran a scan right away, and nothing came up, which just made me wonder if the clever hackers have taken over the anti-virus program too -- since I had an email 'takeover' in November/December, I am quite skittish about it all.

    Anyway, LBH I was in the middle of commiserating with you about your entertaining dilemma. But I agree with whoever said that what's offered is fine, we no longer have to have a replica of the Club 21 bar in our living rooms. (though the elegance of the glassware and that time really does still appeal to me...) I hope all went well.

    Chill - I echo what all have said. Don't stay away when you are depressed/frightened/overwhelmed - that's the center of the fight! That's where we all travel, and it's the value of traveling together. I always want to know what is Truly going on with everyone here.

    SD - I agree, I thought that somehow stopping AL would magically solve those interior issues. Instead it has brought them much more to the foreground, and they demand attention. So I figure that it is Time now to attend to them.

    Thanks everyone for the lists of 'why not' - Dew that bit of self-talk you posted was brilliant (are you feeling any better?). Good to remember why we are Awake now, and why we must stay Awake.

    Struggling for weeks now with constant sneezing/stuffed up can't sleep at night/mouth breathing monsterdom. I'm over it - going completely gluten free for a while to anti-inflame, will visit the Village Herbalist today (we have one!) and may even finally try to find a Primary doc here.

    Take care all (we dipped to 0 yesterday morning, but at least it is sunny and not windy). Hope you have a good start to the week.

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Hello jewels, it's cold here too but sunny and bright so that's ok!

    Busy day tonight and after evening class there's this splendid programme on tv called Stargazing live, I watched it last year but the weather wasnt favourable, fingers crossed for clear skies tonight. I'll let you know what I get to see!

    Have a god day everyone

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Evening jewels,

    I?m home early but have had enough of today, it?s been one of those ****ing awful ones and I?m so glad to be home. I?m annoyed that I am bringing my crap mood into my house space so need a quick vent and then I?m off to make a baked potato and put on my coal fire ? jeesh it?s bitterly cold today. Two words explain it all ?Crap Manager?, need I say more ullull:damn:

    I?m pleased most of you are in good form and hope that you are feeling a bit better Chill; maybe a visit to the doctor is a good idea as you have a lot to get through during the next month or two. I understand your thoughts and feeling on maybe having to move into a houseshare, selling your lovely furniture etc and finding a place that will take Elle. Change is always difficult until we settle into the new life, but we are all here if you need to let off steam and you can moan away as much as you like. Aren?t you going on your reiki course soon? I?m looking at a qualification in NLP/Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching at the moment but I?m not sure if I can justify spending the money. Still it?s interesting to look at what?s available.

    Now where has Papmom
    gotten to I miss her posts, has anyone heard from her?

    Dewdrop :h

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Hey Jewels,
    Very quick post as I have no energy. I've been flat on my back since Sat. morning with a wicked stomach bug. high temps, vomiting, the runs you name it. No temp today but feel dizzy and weak every time I try to get up . I've had family and friends bringing me supplies but they can't bring the one thing i need-a way to blast this bug out! This is the first time I've even had the urge to pop open the laptop and quite truthfully I'm sweating tons and feeling very nauseaus so I'll be signing off very soon.

    I haven't read back but did see something about our Chillie having a very hard time although I didn't see her post. Chill, please do not be afraid to ask for help from anyone anytime. WE can give you virtual support and maybe some objective ideas, your friends and family and give you physical support and possible some options. We love ya chill and your spirit is so strong. Just remember it's always darkest before the dawn. It will work out for you.
    Love you guys, hope to feel better tomorrow so that I can properly join in.

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Spent the afternoon freezing my hands off returning chickens to their yard - wind blew the gate open

    cyn, your monsterdom sounds like me all winter. I think an east coast winter would cause just about anyone problems. What do yuo get from the herbalist???

    Hi there Sooty & Dew!
    Hope you are both warm & cozy now.

    papmom, :getwell: SOON!!!! Geez, you really have had a bad time this past week.

    I feel like vegetating in front of the TV for a while - think I will

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    January Jewels - Week 3

    Evening all,

    Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

    SD - congrats on seven months AF! What an amazing achievement! You seem to be taking total control of your job situation and I am impressed that you are willing to up sticks and move to find better opportunities! Good for you! I am a Giants fan so was very happy with the result last night although it was a shame for the Packers after such a successful season.

    Rustop- thanks for getting us started and I hope you have a good week!

    Star - did you make an appointment with the doctor? Did you feel better for getting out of the house? Its snowing here so winter has well and truly settled in.

    Cyn - did you get the herbs you were looking for? Are you going gluten free for good or for a short period? How long does it take for the body to anti-inflame?

    Sooty - I hope you enjoyed your tv program. See anything interesting?

    Dew- what an awful start to the week! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. It's crap when you can't switch off when you get home. What did you have on your baked potato? I miss baked potatoes with cheese and coleslaw - you can't get them in cafes here

    P3 - get better soon lady! You have had a real time of it! :l

    Chill- I echo what everyone else has said. You helped me immensely from the first moment I started this journey and i will never be able to thank you enough. You are strong lady and you can do anything you set your mind to. The world is your oyster!

    It was a fantastic day in Cassland! I saw the dead sea scrolls exhibition which was fascinating. Then hubby and I went down to Chelsea in NYC and took a stroll round the market. There was an incredible fishmonger so I picked up a few recipes and some new fish to try. The italian grocery store was also awesome...picked up lots of gnocchi and olives. We came back to the house and I went for a great sports massage but it was painful. First massage since i left Glasgow...I need to get back into them especially with all the exercise. Looking forward to this week. Less than a month til I go to Glasgow! Yippee!!!

    Love you all.


    Hello to Lav, Rusty, LBH, sped, dill, and everyone else!

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