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    28th July, 2012.

    af day Mon 24 Dec

    Nite PPQ, keeper of our P's.


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    25th September, 2012.

    af day Mon 24 Dec

    Jingle McJingle is home (def sounds like a name Barbie would have chosen). First family dinner is over. One quizzical look when I refused champagne. Nosy sil later noticed I had a short glass of tonic and what she assumed to be vodka or gin. She said to me "well, now that's better.". Lol. Decoy drink worked like a charm. Sat next to one of my fav outlaws who does not drink and we had a ball. So a very successful evening.
    The real test will be Boxing Day. That's an up close and personal with just the family. I'm playing the meds and alcohol don't mix card, plus we are the ones driving so designated driver is a good back up.

    Sleep well and Merry Christmas!

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    10th October, 2006.

    af day Mon 24 Dec

    Mick, BTW the 'why I'm not drinking' lines were hysterical!

    Nurdl, nicely done!



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