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    13th May, 2012.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    HAPPY NEW YEAR KY & TT and anyone else already in 2013!

    Had a very interesting AA meeting yesterday centered around dealing with anger and resentment. It has given me a lot to think about.

    Popping in to stay accountable...will post more later.

    :hallo: Mick, Lav, RC and Molly....PPQP

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    26th April, 2011.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    Happy New Year Abs Fab daily folks!

    This will be my second NYs eve with a clear eye and a steady hand. I drank immoderately for about 10 years or more, then moderately, and now not at all. I realized even so called moderate drinking was not for me. And looking back it wasnt always moderate, even though I told myself it was. I am very glad to have been part of this thread from spring of 2011 to about this fall of 2012. The advice and friendship was so important, but mostly having others like me to talk to me about a problem I really needed to solve, in a language I could not communicate to anyone else in my life. It was immeasurably helpful and important.

    I am wishing you all a HUGELY successful new year, with lots of good food, friendship, time outside or in the gym, what ever you fancy for exercise, but most of all peace. PEACE at last.


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    4th July, 2012.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    Kas......wishing you and yours all the best for 2013

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    28th July, 2012.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    "A powerful healing tool can be allowing yourself to be witnessed
    by your friends,
    sharing your pain to a listening audience".

    When we allow ourselves to be witnessed by another, we cannot help but be transformed by the experience. Whether we are sharing a personal experience, standing in front of friends to celebrate a special occasion, or expressing our unbridled joy or sorrow in front of a loved one, we are allowing ourselves to be seen and experienced in a very intimate way. Not only are we baring ourselves to someone else, but we are allowing that person to hold a very specific kind of space with us so this powerful act can take place. To be witnessed is to let ourselves be seen as we truly are in that moment.

    Just sayin

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    8th February, 2011.
    Central Valley, California.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    Hi all, sorry I missed yesterday - girls and I went to the City by the Bay - it was a gorgeous day, the views were beautiful, lots of happy tourists - we had fun, icecream, long walk, little shopping, some crazy touristy stuff and a lovely seafood dinner - twas really good - would have been better however if I was not the poster child for insanity. I had a stupid let down, triggered by the ex again, and woke for our day out with a red wine hangover....damn it!!! I examined it carefully and with a lot of thought and managed to totally realise how very little enjoyment I got from it and how much enjoyment I missed because of it. I will have a great 2013, I need a good year, I am due for a good year and I know the only way that will happen is if I kick wine to the moon!
    PPQP - so with you on the ex's - wish I could close that chapter, but like a bad penny he keeps turning up....
    Mick, so sorry about your down feelings and hassle on other threads - you are truly appreciated here, maybe just hang here?
    I rarely ever go outside of my comfort zone on MWO - sometimes if I am bored I "visit" a bit, but usually regret it. I also "visit" when I am struggling, but that never seems to be a good reason. The bitchiness and fighting have been so uncomfortable that I have left fro a while, but realised that only hurt me, so I stay on my subscribed threads (thats what I have the site open up to when I log in) and only venture out when I know there si something to check in on.
    Congrats to all making milestones - Mick, Cat, KY - I know I am missing someone
    TDN, so sorry about your dog, seems that that would be the last thing you need just now, hopefully he was just having an off day???
    Hi to Molly and Kas - you are some of those who inspire me on here.
    CanToo - LOVE THAT!!! Very cool post and has me pondering.
    RC - you taking some coal with you tonight? Are you a first footer??
    Well, Happy 2013 to those who are there in NZ and Aussie land, to the Brits who will be there in a couple of hours and then to those in the USA who have a bit longer to go.
    I know it is taking me a long time and too many false starts, but I will get there and I appreciate each and everyone of you for putting up with me - Happy Hogmanay:l:l

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    20th July, 2006.

    af day Monday 31 Dec


    Thanks for being here every day, day after day as we help each other reach our goals.

    Lots of hugs all around
    :l :l :l :l :l

    Good to see you back, Mick! Not that I was worried or anything.... (not!).

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    25th September, 2012.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    Kuya, congrats on your 4 months. That's really wonderful, I am so happy for you.

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    13th February, 2009.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    Kuya, CONGRATS to you on 4 months AF :wd:

    I just saw this on FB - thought it would be good to share....

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    10th October, 2006.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    happy AF'ing New Year one and all! having a nice stay-in eve at home out of the snow.

    xxxxxx hugs all around

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    25th September, 2012.

    af day Monday 31 Dec

    same here Det Diet Coke, TV movies, take out food. I'm having a wonderful time.
    love that "AF-ing" A Happy one to you too!

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