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    13th February, 2009.

    January Generosity - week 1

    Back from Curves - I'm awake now

    TDN, I haven't seen the post you are referring to but.....
    If you need any help kicking the asses of the passive aggressives around here - just give me the word :bat
    There are a few miserable people who have been hanging around MWO for years, have made no progress & somehow get off on lashing out at others. I have had my share of nastgrams, most of which I refuse to respond to for good reason. I will not get into a slap fest with a psycho!!! :H :H
    I truly believe these people have emotional problems above & beyond a drinking problem. We cannot help them & we should not allow them to take up any of our head space, OK?

    Sooty - a brand new exercise? Sounds interesting but is it painful????

    Rusty, have yourself a good day!

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    January Generosity - week 1

    Good morning, my friends.

    So, at least a few wonderful tales from my trip.

    We rented a small studio condo for the trip, which meant I could cook our meals and relax in front of a fire at night. That was so great. The t.v. was ancient, and did not work with the Wii. Even better. Rather than spending his time engrossed in the video games, my son was really playful and interactive with me (which he usually is, if I give him the attention). So both of us were full on mom and son.

    The skiing was great - good amount of snow and the lines were fine. I fell badly twice, and am in a fair amount of pain, but the good news is nothing is serious. My son tumbled and fell, and popped back up like a bobbin. It's amazing how flexible their bodies are. It truly made me think about the power of yoga. I'm going to integrate that slowly back into my life.

    So, Saturday was one of my best vacation days ever. We went skiing together (he was in ski school on Friday), and going down one run, he had his arms in the air screaming "this is awesome; this is what I've been waiting for" This was so adorable as he is only nine. Later, on the drive to the condo, I thought about the community hot tub, and that we had forgotten our bathing suits. I actually then thought, since I'm sober, I'm energetic enough to go to TJMax, find a pair of shorts for him, I'll wear my gym shorts and halter, and we can go to the tub. So we did just that. When I was drinking, I would have been headed home to the wine bottle, no question. We then inquired about the tub, and found out the center has an indoor heated pool and two tubs. Wow. So we went to the tub and then got in the pool. Now, I was so sore all I could do at first was walk slowly and then float. Eventually, I was able to swim a little, then a little more. Without that water therapy, I would have downed two bottles of wine to deal wit the pain. As I floated, I thought this is the best day of skiing ever. And now that I'm sober, I can plan to take him for quick trips through the season, I'll be able to drive at night, and have the energy to do this.......the world keeps opening up.

    Later, as we laid in bed ready for sleep (very small unit with one queen bed, so we had to share), he asked me "what is alcohol?" A long conversation ensued. I explained that both his dad and I do not drink - he said I don't want to either, and don't understand why anyone does. I explained that it makes you want more and more. He said (I'm not making this up) "It's like gummy bears. When I eat them, I want more and more. Not like cookies - I get full on cookies. After the gummy bears, I feel sick." I said, yes, it is just like too many gummy bears, and the same thing is at work - sugar. We have many talks about the issues with sugar. Then I said, it's sugar with a little poison to your system as well - it hurts your liver and heart, and overall, is hard on your body. He was convinced he didn't want it after that.

    This was a very slow, cautious talk - our first ever about alcohol. I wasn't extreme or heated - I want to leave room for tolerance of other's choices. But it was a dream come true - On my Day 1, I wrote the following in my tool kit:

    I won't drink today

    - because I want to tell my son when he is older that drinking can take his life from him, and that has to come from a sober mom.
    - because I never want him to try to shake me awake again as I come out of AL-induced sleep.
    - because I want to love myself again.

    So, I won't drink again because all those things are still my desires, and no longer just goals.


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    January Generosity - week 1

    Good morning Generosity Mavens!

    Cross post Cat, your weekend ski trip sounds like it was a big turning point for both you and your son. Im so happy for you!

    Happy monday to all.


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    January Generosity - week 1

    "You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny."
    – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

    So, I won't drink again because all those things are still my desires, and no longer just goals.
    Catbuddy, thank you for sharing that wonderful real-life story of you and your son's day. It is a life sample of the above spiritual words. Awesome.

    I still have company so not much time for posting. I am reading though and appreciate all the posts.

    Lav, Rusty, Rustop, Soots, LBH, Kas, TDN, Papmom, Star, Hippyman, Merry, Jada, Stella, G., everyone, AF Monday greetings.

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    January Generosity - week 1

    Cat, that's so wonderful. Your post made me so happy for you. May it continue to get better and better!

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    January Generosity - week 1

    Had an unexpected visit from my daughter & grandaughter today. So we had lunch & an early dinner together & some time to play. Ms Lily will be turning 2 next month, time flies

    Cat, so glad your trip was special for you & your son
    The kids grow up fast & we only have so many precious moments with them. Awesome for you!!

    Hi there Kas, Dill & Nurdl!
    Hope everyone had a good day. Warmer weather is on the way & that's perfectly OK with me.

    Have a good night everyone!

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    January Generosity - week 1

    Wonderful post Cat. What a neat kid. I look forward to hearing from you and others like Dill, Lav, Rustop, Kas, etc. who have children and grandchildren in your lives, it adds such a dimension to what it means to be sober and present. There have very rarely been children even peripherally in my life, mainly just other adult childless drinkers and early on my own alcoholic mother who had been orphaned herself as a little girl. I am so happy the people here can be with their families with a clear, clean, and steady heart. Alcohol certainly adds another wall between people, that is one of the reasons I was drawn to it in the first place, and I am glad your son gets to hang out with the really Kitty. Enjoy the night everybody whether asleep or awake, we are getting better. Love, Ladybird.

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