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    25th September, 2012.

    af day Tue 7 Jan

    That's great news TDN!!!

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    2nd October, 2012.

    af day Tue 7 Jan

    Very quick fly by, as it's past my bedtime.

    TT, CONGRATS on 90 days! That is fantastic. It's a new phase for us. I'm with you - counting days seems the wrong fit right now, maybe thinking about phases makes sense.

    Blondie, I also suffer from enduring exhaustion which is very deep. During my holiday break, I slept 10-12 hours every night. Now that I'm back at work, I can't do that, and I'm tired all day. I'm seeking a new GP (still; it's very complicated here) to help me. I'll let you know if I learn anything helpful.

    Love to all......


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    af day Tue 7 Jan

    Hello all!

    It has been so long and I am so happy to hear everyone sounding so well and happy and successful. I will have to try and catch up properly on everyone's news but at a quick scroll through there seems to be lots to celebrate about.

    (Although I was sorry to read about PPQs ex troubles, silly men, and what's this with Mick leaving? Clearly he is back so I hope all is/has been well?)

    As Mick and KY know, thanks to their kind PMs checking in on me - which I took forever to answer as haven't logged in for an age - I did drink over the hols and I won't bore you with the negatives but I haven't had a drink all year (sounds better than 9 days doesn't it?) so hoping to, as Kuya nicely put it, catch that wave again.

    Work is insane at the moment so I might be sporadically here but I hope to get back on board in earnest at some stage. Have missed all you lovely people.

    I must PM Lifechange too as she seems to have also gone AWOL, anyone have any idea how she's doing? Girl if you are reading here PM me!

    Lots of love to you all,

    Lilly x



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