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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    My, I do like to ramble here. Thanks for listening!

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Hi all, I'm subscribing to this thread immediately! Hope you all have a lovely festive season.

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Hi All
    I am still here and I like the single thread. I will post tomorrow. Going to bed now. I was up at 5 am so I could be at the gym for 6 am. This is my new strategy so I don't drink the night before.
    Went to an AA meeting with my son last night. It was very good.
    Talk tomorrow.

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Hi lovelies,

    I enjoyed reading your post Pav, makes a nice end to the day.

    I am just damn tired and i have this headache that wont seem to go away. I had this last time when i gave up AL so i know it will pass but it is annoying me no end. Feeling a bit blah today. I dont want to drink, i dont feel like a drink, i really dont know what i feel like. Its like i am in the twilight zone, just sitting and observing. Maybe I am mourning that i will never drink again. I went to the shops this afternoon after work and bought some iced tea and thought to myself "who would have thought, iced tea instead of wine", did not even look at the al section so its not a worry. I think i am worried that i will become too blase about this giving up and i know i have to be on my toes at all times.

    Well enough of me.

    Hi Giraffe and Running, welcome this is a great thread lots of goss and general chatter, lots of that!

    Nar i find now is the time to catch up on all those movies we pretended to remember, i am becoming an addict at shows and movies atm. Im even thinking of getting back into reading and with books that words dont run together, oh thats right could be that I am not pissed while reading now, just reading that same line time after time after time did me.

    K9 I am a fan of short hair, my daughter is a hairdresser and i just tell her to cut it dyke short, she knows what to do. Love having a hairdresser in the family, free haircuts and free dye to get rid of those greys that i am not old enough to have.

    Jvo i will pm you the programs, if i can do it you can. If you download the movies can you not put it on a USB and watch it on your ipad? I dont have an ipad so not sure how they work. If i dont pm you tonight its because i am going to try for an early one and sleep.

    Keep sounding positive ladies and take care. I am grateful for the wonderful support on here as today i did not drink.

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Hi Girls,

    Well I too am exhausted, a combo of stopping Al and the last week of the term.. it's always flat out. Not sure how I'm going to manage to cook dinner etc.. may not actually bother.. eggs on toast will be fine. I've got so much to do because I'm going away at the weekend ( guess that can wait too.. it's only Wednesday)
    I won't have any Internet connection when I'm away. Mum doesn't do the net.. getting a bit nervous about not being able to check in daily because it's helping me a lot to be accountable.
    Will write more later xx Just having a coffee to try and stay awake!!

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Acadia and all, haha. I do the same, thinking I'm talking to an old geezer just to realize he's my age, then ogling a youngster just to realize he's not.

    And K9, I'm with you. Finally, got my long locks chopped a couple of years ago, and it seems I get it shorter with each cut. Sinead has become my role model, at least as it regards hair...

    Pav, I'm in for the workout. Mine will be around 5 am or as soon as my husband leaves--he'd laugh too hard at my gyrations.

    R4L, can you dish about what made the meeting good?

    Available, that darned dull headache is the worst. It lasted a long time with me, and even now, day 38, I have to make sure I'm really hydrated or it comes back.

    Patrice, keep a journal while you're away.

    Well, I know I will only be able to do these acts of kindness each day if I work it into my routine. So yesterday, my first day, I just asked the barista to give my punch to the coffee card to the next person who happened to show up. Each time I get a coffee/tea there, I'll do that. The cards are 10 punches = free drink. Not much, but maybe I made someone's morning. Then I noticed that there were no baskets at the door of the local grocery store and they were swamped and all busy with customers. Normally, I would gruffly march around until I found one, grab it and take off with a scowl. This time I found a whole stack in a back corner and instead of taking just the top one in a huff, I took the whole stack back to the front door, grabbed mine and felt good about myself for a change. Resentment replaced with a spirit of helping has worked wonders for my fragile mood these days.

    Welcome Giraffe. Greetings G-man.

    Day 38 and feeling great this morning! I used to wake up so depressed...

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    How short is short on hair??? Ever since my traumatic teenage years of trying to have long, straight, parted in the middle hair (it was the 70s, after all!), I have worn my super thick, curly hair SHORT. When perms were 'in' in the 80s, people thought I did this on purpose :H.

    I hope you're feeling better, Dottie and Avail. I hope you find out what is up, Dottie! Personally, I wouldn't worry about feeling poorly after stopping drinking for at least a month. Just get through it, knowing that you will feel so much better once you've adjusted. Especially for anyone who was drinking a large proportion of their total energy intake, all of the body's machinery is geared up to metabolize alcohol. It takes time to turn on different genes and make different proteins for metabolizing other nutrients. The same thing happens when you switch to a lower carb, higher fat diet. It takes awhile to become a fat burner and the adjustment period can be pretty tough.

    Pav, I look at handling alcohol for others as a sort of strengthening exercise. I watch myself pour it and think about how I'm not going to drink it - how I'm IN CHARGE OF IT NOW and I'm never going to let a mere liquid boss me around again! Speaking of exercise, the good thing about that workout I linked to is you can easily make adjustments. For example, I cannot do one of them with any kind of good form so during that section, I do back exercises or biceps curls - I work on some body part that isn't targeted in any of the other intervals.

    Glad to see you back, R4L and to have you join us, Giraffe. What's going on with you?

    HR, isn't it amazing how much better your shopping experience was because of what you chose to do?
    It always pays off to be nicer than necessary .

    Have a nice day, Ladies!

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Hi Girls! And G-Man....he can be one of the gals too :l

    Everyone sounds good today. I'm so glad we're heading towards the weekend. I hate my job, it's soooo boring. I'm working really hard at getting a different one, but it's taking forever. So for now, I will just hang in there!

    Before I had my daughter, my hair was super thick and naturally curly. Now it's thin and straight. I'm telling you that kids ruin you right from the start. LOL I'm thinking Hallie Berry short. Of course, if I could get her body too, that would be great. HA

    G-Man, check in and let us know how things are in your manly world. :h

    Stay strong lovely ladies!

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Hi Cougars!!!!!! Yea, I'm talkin' to ya'll. Well, we certainly are not ever too old enough to look!

    I love lunchtime. I can lock my classroom door and read the wonderful posts. It's a nice "time-out" for me. Acts of Kindness - listening and responding to those in need. Here we are, giving each other support, and this does wonders for my soul. Thank you all! In a book I'm currently reading, the author refers to Caroline Knapp's "Drinking: A Love Story. Great read. Anyhow, one thing that she quoted from her book, "AL makes everything better until it makes everything worse." How true is that?!

    K9, Humble, and Narilly, my hair is, think...Holly Berry short. Now if I could just have Holly Berry body!

    K9 - I like to think my big girl panties aren't as big as I remember my grandma's panties were.

    Narilly, we've been going out to the movies, too. Last movie was Hunger Games. Read the trilogy, so couldn't wait until it was out. It was good and I remember every scene!!

    Dottie, I have a heart murmur. I take a 25 mg of a heart pill daily for this and anxiety. Have you been feeling stressed lately? Any changes in schedule?

    Pav, I am quite bossy at times, and I really try not to be, especially when I'm not in school. It's hard sometimes to remember to change hats on the way out the door! A well-known musician! I would not have able to concentrate on anything for sure! But that's funny. I'm sure they made lots of money that night! And I like your analogy of exercise and meds. And one thing is for sure...We never regret exercising after we've done it, but we always regret drinking afterwards.

    Giraffe, Welcome!!!!!

    Running, good for you on the gym consistency! I bet doing this early really sets a good tone for the rest of your day. How old is your son. Do you go to speaker's meetings or discussion meetings?

    Available, sorry your feeling like poop. I had a few of those this week, but more with my mental state. I hope you feel better, lady! And let us help you get through this mourning period in any way we can. Look back to your earlier posts or times when you posted that you were so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Reread those posts and really reflect on them in those weak periods. Oh, I don't have a USB port on my Ipad but I can borrow my son's laptop, so yes, I'd love to have those sites when you have a chance. No worries or hurries.

    Patrice, LIke Humble said, maybe journaling would help while you visit mom? Or can you text a friend, the one that came to visit you? Can you go to a library and sneak in some posts to us? Do you have a laptop and can go somewhere that has wifi?

    Humble, the acts of kindness sound so wonderful. Resentment is easily replaceable.

    Hi Acadia, Scottish Lass and of you Cougars!!!

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    Ladies on a Mission: The Official Site

    Yep j-vo I have been stressed a I made an appointment with a cardiologist who specializes in heart rhythm issues. See him next Tuesday. I just do not like this time of year much and dh is NO help as I have said before so I need to learn how to chill out..still looking for my meditation CD's..I am sure they are someplace logical...if I could just remember where that is...;-))

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