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    thursday 3rd july

    morning all..and all other such pleasantries are we all doing?ok I hope..well today is my last first post for a week if you get my drift, as tomorrow I will be jotting about at silly o clock and in America you celebrate beating the English or something..mind you eve n Italy did that so no big deal there!! being a jock I can say that...after all one of my ancestors did invent your navy :H have a look at this list then of Americans with part Scots blood

    List of Scottish Americans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    and then on Sat its me birfday..kinda at the stage now if I put candles on the cake the fire brigade are on standby!!

    ok so on with today .get the tissues ready!! oh and the coffee is on!!

    as I will be travelling tomorrow and dont know when I will get on tinternet...just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and help, because believe it or not every single one of you as contributed in some way..I am not going through individuals names..but suffice to say, without you all this thread certainly wouldnt be where it is..I put a lot of time into this thread ..simply because I believe in it works..yep I go thru the same as everyone else,get moody,things at times get me really down,get pissed off ,go into dark places as Lav says...and yes Ive thought about a drink but not to the stage that it has fried my brain..I can dismiss those thoughts whereas before ,half bottle of vodka and a couple of strong beers and the world would look not better but different.I have got immense pride in what I have achieved..not only for stopping drinking..but for my attitude to those that still have a problem one stage ..and Ill say this as it comes..I would have seen a drunken person in the street and it would have been look at the state of that arsehole... fkn disgrace to humanity etc..whilst in reality I was no better..just better at lying and covering understanding sympathy and support has completely 360 d..dont know if anyone watches the programme deadliest catch..its about fishing in the Baring Sea out of Dutch Harbour in Alaska..anyway one of the captains has got a serious drink problem and just come out of rehab..on of the other skippers came to see him , Edgar a guy who in the past had serious drink n drugs issues. and beat them...he came over and his words were "we re with you.. some people will just look at you and think the worst...but until you have actually been there,you will never understand"....and thats exactly what we are about..been there.. shit it ,shot it ,got the t shirt ..whether we celabrate 2 years to hour or 2 days it is important that we do for our sakes and when I say our I mean all of us in this little community ..we know cos weve been there!!there have been chuffed moments for me on here ..there have also been bummer times too..but they are times and we are still here what I would say to anyone that has a fair amount of time confident ..but not never know when it will sneak up and try and bite your ass
    for those struggling..dont stop will get there never say never it is hard ..then somewhere a little trigger in the head will say ..Im having some of that
    for those thinking about giving up ..dont think act!! you wont regret the choice..being able to do things without asking the bottle first!!

    Lastly..I would like to thank 3 wonderful and special people to me..without them I would not be here now no order...
    Flossie..a lovely woman and hope she doesnt mind me saying..but has had her own share of problems ..but despite that when I first wrote on this site asking for help..she immediately got in touch with me and guided me telling me her own experiences and what to expect

    Byrdie..what can I say?she probably know more about me than me!!her opening gambit was..have you a need a plan whats your strategy?since of the key things when I am trying to help someone is...whats your plan ..make a plan :H

    Jackie Claire...another one who took me on board..she is a prime mover on the general thread...not only that ,but she actually does help as a volunteer in the community..another one who chased me when things were a bit iffy...
    oh yes and I still wear the beanie she knitted me when I go out running ..that is when I aint injuring myself!! to the 3 of you ..thank you

    right off to feed the wabbits and let them out ..there is def a storm brewing can feel it in me water :H

    take care all..will pop in when I can

    My wife is great at squash.

    She's 45 stone.

    Apparently Andy Murray is searching for answers as to why he was knocked out from Wimbledon yesterday.

    Well Andy, I thought I'd help you by searching on Google. And, the answer is...

    You are Shit.

    Does anyone know a cure for excessive ear wax?

    If you do, please give me a shout.

    The person who invented the giant hedge maze realised that you could make them pay for their own upkeep if you could sell things to people as they went round.

    And thus, the first Ikea was invented.

    Google announced last night that they're launching a new security feature to make it harder for governments to spy on us in the future.

    Then they went back to driving around, taking pictures of the street that you live on.

    I visited the Louvre art gallery in France last week.
    I asked if it was okay to take a picture and they said it was.
    I must say, the Mona Lisa looks pretty damn good on my living room wall

    My son said to me, "Dad, I'm sorry I forgot to get you something for Father's Day."

    "That's okay, son," I said, "I forget things all the time too."

    "Like what?" he asked

    "Like the time I forgot to wear a condom and ended up with an ungrateful little git in my life," I said

    Decided to learn some French to get into the spirit of things.
    Today I learned ?��Hors d'oeuvres?��....... and that was just for starters.

    My wife was looking at an evening dress and asked me what I thought,

    "It's lovely, " I said, "do they have it in your shape?"

    I can't work out whether these Jeremy Kyle shows I've been watching are repeats or whether it's just the fact that all the guests look like the same toothless f.cking inbreds that have been on there before.

    see you

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    thursday 3rd july

    Chuck Norris was pulled over by a state trooper the other day.

    He let the trooper go with a warning

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    thursday 3rd july

    Good morning Abbers,

    Another day of extreme heat & humidity here in these parts, oh well. At least I can distract myself a bit by making preparations for landfall of hurricane Arthur in the next few days :H
    Nothing to laugh at really because these storms can be so damaging. Prayers going out for the coastal residents.

    Mick, sending you gigantic CONGRATS ON 2 YEARS AFtomorrow :wd:
    Isn't it just amazing how everything just turns around when we give AL the boot?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you as well :bday7:
    Stella needs to dust off her dancing shoes - she will stop in later
    I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

    I will not be relaxing today. I have to get to Curves this morning then to the store for some storm supplies. Grandsons arriving at noon & will be here until near bedtime. Oh boy :H

    Wishing everyone the best AF day possible!!!!


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    thursday 3rd july

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...glad you warned about the tissues...lovely post. You are one special man.

    :banana:CONGRATS ON 2 YEARS:banana:

    ...and Happy Birthday come Saturday :l

    Lav...sending you strength for the storm ahead. Stay safe.

    Grateful that sleep returned last night, feeling refreshed this morning.
    Have a Terrific Tuesday AF all and all to come......PPQP

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    thursday 3rd july

    morning all!!

    Mick, a very big congratulations to your 2 years!!!! And a happy birthday to boot!!!! What a great birthday present to give to yourself.


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    thursday 3rd july

    Mae everybody,Mick congrats on 2 years sober tomorrow and Happy Birthdayi was reading old threads the other day and came upon when i first started posting on this thread,i was enchanted with your positive outlook on life and your then eeyore avatar,you are a wonderful person and i am so grateful to you for all the support and friendship you have given,have a wonderful vacation,and you know we want pics! hello to all,let's make it a great Thursday

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    thursday 3rd july

    Mick - your post was lovely - many congratulations on your two years and also on you ?!#*#! years - Happy BD and Happy Anni.
    Have a great trip - we will miss you, but hopefully this thread will keep on going for your return.
    You are a big part of my success and I will hopefully post some kind words to you in 2016:H

    Lav - stay safe and take good care...

    back in office today as TT wouldn't approve my trip to Greece - hopefully I can hang in....

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    thursday 3rd july

    Hi there - it will be evening in the UK and Mick has an early start on the 4th I think. Its already 4 July here but in advance of the North (as you guys are behind us!!:H).

    Congratulations Mick on your 2 years of being a NO GO Booze Zone

    Isn't that amazing? You are so supportive of us here too and have kept this wee thread going.

    Also happy birthday and have a wonderful well deserved trip.

    I'll try to make sure the thread ticks over every day but the jokes will be missing.

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    thursday 3rd july

    fanx each and everyoneof to bed now ..up in 5 hrs but then sunshine


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