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    MAE soberites! Might as well pop up the thread for Thursday while I can. I woke up in the wee hours ? worked for a bit ? and then went back to sleep. Now bEing a normal person.

    Lav ? sounds like the storm left you with a pile of work but you are back in the ?swim? of things. Oops its Mick who is lazing around in the sea.

    Mick and SL ? what do you think of the Scottish sports uniform for the Commonwealth Games. Its truly awful ? ludicrous ?not just my opinion but from people all over the globe! Thats my joke for the day/week/month/decade.:H

    Good on you Bear for not drinking. Its important to try to take on the stress that life throws at us all- and not reach for a drink. I have posted a few times here when work surprises hit me ? I wasn?t tempted to drink - but my mood was falling like a barometer.

    Sam ? you seem to know a lot about turps??? But I Guess that's from working on the farm!

    See you caught my cold Pauly. You take care.

    Happy Thursday to all others when it trots your way. At least I can get this posted before MWO does strange things in the late afternoon ? for me in my time zone.

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    Mae all...was going to write morning... Predictive text so far has turned it into moron and moreno.. So take your pick.. Another lovely morning here... My last day.. Flown by.. But it did its job a quick break. Tbh a week is long enough for me.. Back to the garden and me rabbits.. Leave here at 8 in the morning.. Home for 5... Hope you are all well... Thinking of you all...:l

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    hey everyone - where've you been Mick? May have missed this earlier.

    Hey TT - drinking would make all of this WAY worse, I need my wits about me and my energy, I slept from 9.30am to 5.15pm last night solidly,this wouldn't have been possible if I'd been drinking.

    It was only the sun that woke me too,must find my eye mask!Working at home today and potentially difficult meeting with staff member tomorrow,then I'm done for the week - out of there by 2pm.

    Frustrated how meeting with occupational health was handled,it felt like my team member cried and they panicked and didn't do a lot of the straight talking that they said they would in the pre meet.
    Listed my issues,will raise with my manager and let them go - I don't have the energy,I need to focus on tomorrow.

    So enjoying chance to relax and work at home today, got a massage booked after work which will be lovely and much needed,then over to a friend's house tonight for a chat.No booze - this is hard but I have support,it will make me stronger and booze will only give me another problem to deal with.

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    Good morning Abbers,

    Nothing special going on in these parts. Hazy, hot & humid weather continues, yuck but typical summer weather around here.

    TT, thanks for the start up! I'm pitching in with a giant pot of coffee to share

    Mick, the good times go by fast! Have a safe trip home!!!

    Good to see you bear! Sorry that your job stuff continues to be so stressful.
    I honestly do not miss those days. Good to see you are being proactive & practicing good self-care

    Hello to everyone else & sending wishes for a wonderful AF Thursday for all!


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    Morning all!!
    dark, gloomy humid morn it is for now. Suppose to do a DC market today but if it raining, it won't happen. Played a little fiddle and banjo last night for a couple of hours with a friend. We did a two banjo thing for a bit, I hadn't plucked a banjo in a long time. Mick, there's an area of jokedom you've not hit on... banjo jokes, they are as abundant as blonde jokes:

    Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, a good banjo player, and an old drunk man are walking down the street together when they simultaneously spot a one hundred euro note. Who gets it?
    The old drunk man, of course, the other three are mythological creatures.

    What do you say to the banjo player in the three piece suit?
    "Will the defendant please rise."

    What do you call twenty-five banjos up to their necks in sand [or concrete]?
    Not enough sand.

    hey Bear, how's it going? Slept from 9:30am to 5:15pm... you work at night?
    TT, one of my first jobs as a teen was carpentry which including painting and varnishing. I would have to varnish inside closets, talk about massive headaches....

    well off and running.
    greetings to all good friends here. have a thankful thursday!

    ps, Lav, every morning we seem to cross post. We must be on the same chicken o'clock!

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    Good effort sam bear in menorca. ..binibeca..home to the moors tomorrow

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    Mick - cannot believe you are heading back so soon - you will arrive another year older and another year sober!!!
    Slept last night - now I am ready for more - changes from exhuastion when you get no sleep to really tired when you catch up!!
    TT - will have to go look up the outfit, have not seen it yet (or should I if it is that bad:H
    Bear - have a great massage and then chat - sounds lik eyou need it, but well done for takling time for you!
    Howdy Lav and Sam
    Pauly - hope your cold is getting better
    Det - I hope you are behaving - you should be checking in shouldn't you??? Hope your trip is not taking you down the wrong road!
    Likely will check in tonight - but doubt I will be in tomorrow - will be going out for dinner with one of my management team and wife - but I did not drink last time I was out with them ( a year ago) so should be no issue this time....

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