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    I tried posting this earlier but hit the wrong button and don't know what happened to it. Things are going good, busy is always better then wondering. Hubby still not working but I am trying not to let that get to me. Will have to wait to see what happens day by day but I appreciate the things I can offer to family and friends being sober. As I say below, looking forward to our regular workouts again.

    My bosses stress level just keeps getting higher and my husband says that is not my problem. I can't solve her problems with her employee's. I say "boss" but I am under contract for bookkeeping/accounting, not an employee. I haven't heard from my sister lately but know she will talk when she is ready, and not before. I know I have to deal with myself right now. Good news we started working out again today, so another 3 days a week over the winter, I am looking forward to it. Gives me something to look forward to and aim for. Babysitting the grandkids in November so looking forward to that. Just been really busy lately.

    Hope all is well with the nesters.


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    I posted the other night.....but, don't think it made it to the boards. I did quit the job.....told it wasn't cool to have me scheduled until 8p and have me there until 11p. She understood. Then I kinda had some regrets because we do need the $$...but, I spoke to a gal there and they have had the whole team there until 11p every night. It took full three days for me to feel my feet again....and they have her scheduled for 68 hours next week. I just can't be gone like that with kids who need me. Even though they are 12 and 14.....I saw full on that this is key time to develop them into responsible people. I know I made the right decision.

    Lav---there is a big difference between a career and a job. All I want is simple job, right now. I always stayed away from life and death decisions regardless.....that had to be tough. seem to be like is what we call a "brain looper". It goes over and over in your brain....which almost exhuasts you more than the actual "job". You seem to be a "pitta" too....but, honestly resorative yoga is the most healing.vs. what we really think.....a cranking out yoga class. Trust me, you'll find restorative way more challenging. My first class.....I thought for sure my mind was going to come out of my body

    Pauly....saw that you drank. No worries or speeches. Trust me I was so freaking close. For me a community works better....and as much as I love this place.....I know that I need F2F.....and real people. At least for now. Signed up for an all day meditation retreat on recovery "Against the Stream"....going to the group for "Against the Stream", AA and CR this week and going to decide where I fit best in a "recovery community".

    and it cut me off for too many smiley faces....Mick-thank you----NS I know what you mean by boring----Pie hope all is well with your Dad.

    No more smiley faces.
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    Hey everyone, the party went well.
    Everyone left by 8:30 tonight so that was extra nice

    Mick, sorry about the bum knee & computer - geez!
    Hope you are both well very soon!!

    Karen, nice to see you posting here.
    Enjoy the grandkids in November!

    SF, I did see your post the other night.
    Quitting that job before it pushed you over the edge probably was the best choice. You are absolutely right, the preteens & young teens do need their parents, alert & on top of things!

    Hi to Pauly, bear, NS, PQ, Pie & everyone.
    Have a great AF night one & all!

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