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    thursday 29 October AF daily

    Morning everyone,up feeling jittery and coldy.I had bad dreams last night but slept at least.
    I've been dithering about whether I should hit gym in morning,go into town,try and see friends, clean etc etc.

    I basically sat down and thought I feel low and like I need to take it easy,I went to spinning last night and bailed halfway through as I felt shaky,dizzy and a bit sick. Realised yesterday that I had eaten bread for every meal, had fruit smoothie and healthy snacks but that wasn't balanced.

    So today I'm listening to myself and pottering about the house,doing a bit of cleaning and cooking from my ' deliciously ella' book.
    I've made baked porridge with fruit and nut butter and cinnamon for breakfasts which will last me a few days,which I had warm with fruit and yogurt.I'm making sweet potato,quinoa and turmeric fritters for lunches with spinach and cashew nut cream and cooking a big chilli to last for a few days which I will freeze some of.

    What I'm saying is I'm learning to listen to my feelings,recognising that I've been through a really tough time at work,and that I need to take things a bit slower - yoga,walking,and eat well. That it's ok.
    I don't have to be 100 miles an hour,be vigorously exercising all the time,seeing friends everyday.

    I feel like I need a bit of alone time - this is my third day on my own and it is what I need right now.Seeing friends tomorrow evening as OH's band are playing.

    So today is slow pottering,bath,cooking,small amount of cleaning and kitchen tidying, yoga later and getting last year's winter clothes out of the loft this evening.Yesterday I requested a quote for new bathroom,booked GP appointment and also two eye tests.I've also done some washing and decluttered a little.

    It's hard to work out if I'm isolating,avoiding intense exercise - I think honestly that I'm just learning how to trust listening to my feelings,not trying to numb them out and trying to look after myself and being a bit more gentle.I read somewhere that in early sobriety to take care of yourself as though you were pregnant - good food,sleep,movement and relaxing.
    Have a good day everyone.
    one day at a time

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    morning all
    rain like hell yesterday/last night and the sun is out this morning.... looks like the beginning of a good day. Bear, the words dithering and pottering are now a part vocab for today at any rate. I like being alone in the morning, gives me time to wake up without all the externals running about dictating my day. They come on soon enough! Speaking of eye tests, wonder how PQ is doing in that department.

    Fall is in full bloom, the rain took down a lot of leaves but it is still very pretty out thar.

    well, off to it.

    be well friends
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Mae everybody, Sam,every time I hear "PQ's eye" that super glue episode crosses my mind, enjoy your cleared out air day Bear I get like that from vigorous exercise sometimes too,I think its a blood sugar thing,awesome that you're recognizing what your body needs and doing it,I tend to feel a feeling then dwell on why I'm feeling like that,my mind keeps getting me in trouble with the if's what's and why's,I wish I could just live instead of consetrating on not drinking,drinking,recovering,its all too much and changing my mindset is the only way I'm gonna accomplish what I'm trying to do,grrrr,I need a brain transplant or a lobotomy Hahahaha, Hello to Pie,Mick,Det,Start,NS,SF,hope we all have a nice Thursday
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Good morning Abbers,

    Made it to my destination in a little over an hour this morning. Drove in the dark & the fog, ugh. The sun is making an appearance now. My granddaughter is entertaining herself on her computer, so far so good!

    Bear, I made a quinoa sweet potato dish last night with Southwestern seasonings ( think jalapeno, chili powder & cumin). Spicy but tasty
    Good job on listening to what your body needs, that's good self care.

    Sam, the wind was howling overnight - creepy. Glad it's moved out of here.
    There's going to be some mud to deal with, for sure!

    Pauly, one step at a time, huh? We can't fix everything instantly but we can get started, right?

    Hello to Det & Starty!
    Glad to see you both

    No Mick today?

    Have a great AF day everyone!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    hiya folks ...been out all day today and just got back in now,so thought I would jump in and see whats going on ...hope everyone is doing good....tomorrows going to be a busy day methinks ...painting the conservatory..not so much the painting but all the moving things n plants

    A man goes into a library and asks for a book about Pavlov's dogs and Schrodinger's cat.

    The librarian says, "It rings a bell, but I don't know whether it's there or not."

    "Give me a T."


    "Give me a T."


    "Oh, fck it. I'll go to another café.

    I've got a paper cut on my bum.

    All because I contacted my doctor about what I should do with my letter of complaint.

    Volcanoes erupt to no good.

    Great news that British pensioner Karl Andree, imprisoned for possessing alcohol in Saudi Arabia, will be released without further charges within one week.

    The Foreign Office have sent him a bottle of champagne so he can celebrate in style

    Pete wakes up in hospital with a parrot on his shoulder. Before he can say anything the doctor says, "Please can you put this on?" and passes him an eye-patch.

    "What's wrong with my eye?" says Pete.

    "Nothing," says the doctor. "We've amputated your leg. Now open your mouth and say 'Aargh!'"

    I was dipping my biscuit in a cup of tea at work when a Polish guy asked, "What the fck are you doing?"

    "Dunking my Hob nob," I replied. "don't you do this in your country?"

    "We do," He replied. "but not in other people's tea!"
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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    heya ABers!

    very good productive day here. Managed to not only do a bunch of work but also waterproof the shed so we can have more storage space. I'm certainly no handyman so I'm sure the neighbors
    were pointing and laughing

    Pauly, if you find a good deal on a brain transplant lemme know... maybe we can get a discount for two!

    Sam, rainy here in the high desert which is needed so badly, yay.

    Bear, I fight the isolation thing too, and missing my regular healthy hiking/shooting buddies the last couple weekends has been a real bummer. I haven't even been to any sword classes so i really need to get my buttocks in gear and get in the gym. Also relate so well on learning to really 'feel' how I'm feeling. Something Dx and I have been talking about quite a bit which is helping.

    Mick, hope painting day goes well.

    Lav, doing Halloween with the rascals?

    off to watch a few minutes of comedy and zonk ooooot

    be well peeps
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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