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    mon 23rd

    mae all ...and how are we all today then?temperture outside this morning?a mere -5 degrees,plus evry where got a serious frost on it..its on these mornings I could quite happily lie in bed for a wee while longer ..but I never do...went detecting was bitterly cold...but the day before I had been to a charity shop a big fleece lined hooded jersey in brill condition for 4.99 I checked it out later and it buy new price is actually 70 ...bargin!!!so I was like toast...did pretty good too...found a few coins..2 silvers a swiss half franc piece dated 1898...and this little beauty..its a silver coin from Dortmund in Germany ..made betweeln 1198 and 1218 King Otto the 4th...almost 800years how did that come to be lying in a field in middle England?

    heres a pic of Lincoln cathedral ..and the coin




    this is what it should look like


    anyways on we go a bit to do this lets start with a brew then.....

    mornin bear ..hows you then?glad you enjoyed the roller derby,maybes it would be worth lookin at going back if you are sure that all the other things are dealt with...drink aint an option for the stressy head....workin from home...who gives a rats ass what people long as you do the for gettin ripped off with the car...get a couple of quotes from different places or get a recommendation..if they cause you that muchstress..then write them down in little boxes and deal with them individually..they wont go away but you will have a plan on how to deal with them individually ..I swear by do you eat an elephant??in little pieces ..job done

    hiya Lav ..yep wrapped up warm..that must be world wide recipe for poorly...chicken soup and a chucky egg!!did you end up with company yesterday or do you get things done?..have a brew ...saw this and thought of you ...forget the political side of it....


    hiya sam...glad you are better cant beat old yoomer like that ....curly larry mo...... corny crap..but hilarious!!!you out today mate?this little piggie went to market..........

    hiya pie ..hows you then?all good?..old sayin can choose your friends but not your family!!like you ..we trundle off to the outlaws at chrimbo...the best chrimbo I had was on our own in Sharm in Egypt was fantastic...but dont think I will be signin up for that this year!our Amy has the right idea......she volunteered to work..Chrimbo eve,day and boxing day..that way there is no hassle on who she has to visit!!

    hiya pauly hows you after not drinking your 18 pack?what happened with the dog?did it come back?are you inwork today?howz your co workers behavin? still brewin over the cauldron?hows the plants doing too?

    hiya ns..quick jump in there from grand kiddy watching? hope you are well...

    hiya Kuya......hows things with you today?are you 5 hrs behind or in front of us now? are you?get in touch n let us know...

    right folks off we go..have a good one

    I can't believe how shallow women on dating sites can be.

    I'd been chatting to this girl for a while and we were getting on ok, but then she turned round and said she wasn't interested, JUST because of the type of car I live in.

    I raised money for charity by dressing up as Cruella de Vil recently.

    I had 101 donations.

    Police say they are searching around the clock for terror suspects. Then after that they're going to look behind the sofa followed by a quick check in the airing cupboard

    "I'm the best there is, there is absolutely no one like me, " said my conceited boss.

    "I think you'll find that's likes, " I replied.

    How many Plumbers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None, you need an Electrician

    On a scale of 7 to 1.2, how much do you not hate being confused?

    Life was so simple before I got married.

    I had absolutely no idea there was a wrong way to put the milk back in the fridge.

    I hate when I'm in a hurry at the bank and I get a really chatty cashier.

    "What kind of a gun is that?" "Where did you get it?" "Does it come in different colours?"

    I finally managed to teach my dog to beg. Last night he came home with fifty pounds.

    I was at a women's golf tournament recently and was thrown out.

    Apparently they don't take kindly to anyone shouting,

    "You've picked up the wrong iron."
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    off and out early this AM, thanks for the brew, Mick. Wow! I bet that is thrilling to find such a coin.And in such good shape!

    ... to market to market
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    hi Mick - well done on the find,good stuff.

    I really want to try skating again in January,if it's no good,I'll quit/try another team. I just know I want to try at least another season,non competitively though this time,and equipped with my new sober,meditation CBT boosted coping tools .

    Hi Sam you sound like you're on the mend,I'm at home today waiting for AA to tow me to the garage and car to be fixed(based on work they messed up last week - ffs!).
    I was stressing a bit but boss was really supportive,I have three pieces of work to get through today and then that's it/off to gym when OH gets home and then bit of tidying,cleaning and a bath.Healthy dinner out of the freezer low fat hot choc for choccy cravings.
    one day at a time

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    Good Monday Morning, All. Weather here is just right for not needing A/C or heat. Perfect!

    Nice finds, Mick. Is that cathedral the view from the field where you went detecting? Nothing like that around here. What kind of work does your Amy do?

    Enjoying your pics, Sam. You look very comfortable loading up for market. Guess you've had lots of practice.

    Good luck with the car, Bear.

    Just bought this funky phone. My internet service comes with a (mandatory) land line, so figure I might as well plug something into it. Hope the color in the pic is accurate; turquoise is my official accent color.

    Off to Dad's today to get his meds sorted out. And second pup will arrive this morning.
    AF July 11, 2014
    I can't drink a little, therefore I don't drink at all.

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    Good Monday morning Abbers!

    Sunny & 32 degrees here - freezing
    I really don't mind it though.

    Mick, nice find yesterday!
    We have no cathedrals here in Amish country, great pic!!
    I had no company yesterday which was a good thing really. I was able to get a few things done around here.
    I will definitely keep my eye out for a camel pulling a buggy, ha ha!!

    Sam, I hope your piggies had a good final ride
    Aren't you going to miss them??
    My chickens are getting ever so close to taking their final ride to the Amish farmer. They have been pretty lazy in egg production department. Glad you are feeling somewhat better!

    Bear, car repairs are a pain in the wallet, no kidding. We have to keep two cars & a pickup truck in good running shape because we live in the middle of nowhere. I hope your roller derby experience works out in a positive way for you.

    Pie, I have to say that is one TURQUOISE phone if I've ever seen one, LOL
    Good luck with your Dad & pup duties today!!

    Hello to everyone dropping by today.
    I'll try to check in later. I'm off to Curves now to get this day started right.
    Have a wonderful AF Monday one & all.

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Las Vegas.
    Mae everybody, Mick,the plants are still thriving since it hasn't gotten too cold yet,Sam,those piggies got big!like Lav asked will you miss them? Pie,love the sassy phone,Iffeel crappy,sleep fairy was off doing something else last night!! Its gonna take a miracle to get through work much love to all,Happy Monday(meh)
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

    Off the table no MATTER what.

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    car now safely at garage,problems caused by their 'repairs' so am not planning on giving them any cas ,though I may teach them some interesting new words if they try to charge me!!
    one day at a time

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    bear, teach car mechanics a few new words sounds like a good idea to me

    pauly, I know the deal with insomnia.
    Go pick up some Alteril at the drug store. It's worth every penny, believe me!!!!

    Last I check it was 28 degrees outside, Brrrr!!

    Peace to all tonight!
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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