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    wenzdi 9

    and a grand day it is......wind is blowing like mad ..more wind than a brussel sprout eating competition!!..its not rainin yet how are yizall?good I hope..was at the dentist yesterday..that joke about the wallet wasnt so far from the t(r)ooth!!!got a capping put on 1 tooth to go back next Mon ..2 fillings....and a poss root canal job coming up....Amy still still going down...nah its great to see her ...both her and Julie came back with shedfuls ov shopping from Manchester yesterday....wait till I show this ..and this ..and there an art to lookin dead interested in perfume etc???

    brew time...resting leg ..not been as sore ......

    hiya Kuya.....limpy here again................I know the way your mind works...behave!!!!!!!yep got our of the shopping ..though had to suffer the post mortem of it all !!!dont for one minute think when we meet up Debenhams ,Selfridges or any of that crap is on the cards!!!watched supervet last night ...the guy is amazing...he has manged to grow bone back on to a metal..long story .here it is thats just one of them there are loads ..he offered to sell it to the nhs etc ...and they turned it down cost.....ask the the amputees and limbless service folk bloody scandalous...

    see you always bring out the best in me!!!!

    hiya Sam....nice hat by the way.......yep resting...of a fashion ...minimal movement shall we say!!

    hiya Lav big brew time..hows you today then?all good?yep at the dentist.."youve got a hole in your tooth ....too right all the way down to my fkn wallet!!!!!!"guess what friend phoned up yesterday ..they have got some more ducks...its duck eggs for me again ...luv em!! how did YB get on with his EYE PHONE

    hiya the war wound today then?you better..yep nandos is spiceee chicken..peri peri and lemon ....yum yum you done for chrimbo yet?

    hiya det ...hope you are well mate...take it eazee on the drive...and no you dont need the corporate hospitality bs that follows it mate!!

    hey bear hows you ..hows your mate xmas Carol ..hope you are both well...hey as long as you lose if thats what you wanna do thats the idea you drink lotsa water that defo helps....

    hiya pie hows you n doggyville doing ..hows the plumbing and lectrix ?are they fixed?

    hiya ns hope all is well with you in grandkid land!!

    right folks offski well have a good one...

    Those dastardly Islamic State militants have now claimed responsibility for Donald Trump's hair.

    My local garage tried charging me 1650 for changing the snoggle pin on my steering kaboos and doofrey thingy because when they removed it they found the woggle damper had play at the elevation point of the quadratic angle poise plate.

    They must think I'm fcking stupid and don't know anything about cars. They'd forgotten they'd changed the woggle damper o n the rear watchymacallit last year. I beat them down to 1600.

    The downside of being a bomb disposal technician?

    It takes six hours to open my Christmas gifts.

    Stress is when you wake up screaming.

    Then you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.

    Gypsy boxer Tyson Fury has been stripped of his IBF World Heavyweight title and must hand back his belt.

    "Can this wait till tomorrow?" He asked, when he was told. "The pawn shop's shut till then."

    "Children are like a sponge at this age".. I said as I used my neighbour's toddler to wipe up my beer he spilt.

    Having been granted bail, Oscar Pistorius will be electronically tagged to stop him fleeing the country.

    Am I the only one to see a slight flaw with this plan?

    Asda and Tesco have been criticised after it was revealed their budget-range bottled water is just tap water straight from the mains.

    You wouldn't catch me drinking that rubbish. I go to Waitrose and buy their finest brand, Eau de Faucet.

    I was feeling positive yesterday, then I started feeling negative.

    That was a shock.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    morning all
    thanks for the jump start, Mick. The dentist is an expensive way to spend your holiday! I've gotten several caps in the past and cost is ridiculous. One of those evil necessities. Hope the knee is feeling more better, as they say chere in amerika.

    began researching deeds for a farm I may be 'veying. Right off the bat 5 acres is missing after several transactions, 14 acres is not described, yet. More digging today. There's a plat about 1890 and it has all these little hands drawn on it to highlight who gets what. I'd like to sneak a photo of it if I could!

    Off to the mines...
    hope everyone has a good one
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    I wish that's where I were, Mick! I'm just working and working . I'm not sure why my job has suddenly become so unmanageable. Thank goodness Kuya came back to share the 3 principles ideas just when she did - very timely for me.

    Sorry your leg and teeth are acting up at the same time. Hope your knee straightens out (literally?) soon.

    It sounds like we're all hanging in there pretty well in spite if some of the things we think are stressful at this time of year. I really like much about the season, especially all of the lights at this dark time of year. We have them on timers so the wreaths and tree are lit when I come downstairs in the morning and turn on before dusk.

    Have a a great day, Abbers!

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    Good morning Abbers, happy Hump day too

    Sunny with a mist rising from the ground, pretty but weird. Better than rain or sn*w!!
    I am looking forward to meeting my old friends for lunch & am just going to putz around here until it's time to go. Maybe I'll get some gift wrapping done.

    Mick, I have never eaten duck eggs, not that adventurous I guess.
    Sounds like your girls had a successful shopping adventure, nice
    Keep resting that knee, you will be needing it in the future, ha ha. I feel pretty fortunate that we have decent dental insurance & it covers just about everything we need. There's really ne excuse for us to skip the dentist!

    Enjoy your research Sam!
    Good weather to be outside walking property lines this week

    Hi there NS! Sounds like your services are much needed & that's a good thing!
    I have the tree & wreath over the fireplace on timers too. It's almost like having a personal servant, LOL

    I can't explain how YB dropped his iPhone directly on his eye, I didn't witness the incident.
    The eye doc seems to think it will heal on it's own. I hope it does because he wouldn't hold up during a surgical procedure, believe me. In the meantime I told him to stop focusing on the 'floaters' & saying 'WOW', ha ha!!

    Hello to everyone & have a great AF day!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Mae everybody, not much up here,just saying hi,hope we all have a decent Wednesday
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Discombobulation reigns on Planet Pie. Nothing worth typing out, and no drinking thoughts. Take care, all.

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    for you Lav, iPhone moment
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Ha ha, thanks Sam
    I still don't know exactly how YB did it but it had something to do with trying to read something on his phone at 4:30 am - maybe a text message from work? Who knows??
    He's still complaining about seeing 'weird things', LOL

    Pie, lots of deep breaths, right?
    I swear by getting more O2 to the brain - keeps me from doing stupid things.
    I hope everything is OK with you

    Pauly, hope your day was decent

    I'm out early tomorrow morning for granddaughter day. Will check in from there.
    Peace to everyone tonight!
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Hi guys, been in and out all day then realised I had missed posting....always a day ahead here.
    Glad you are bearing up should be back on two legs by Xmas I reckon.

    Sam are you buying that land? And where do you live? Or just conveyancing? I am so confused.

    Hey NS like you I was snowed under nurse was off 'sick' so I had to manage single handed. I would have been a mess usually but today was ok...just one small meltdown that was over in a flash..
    Lavande you have the patience of a saint, but at least he brings a strange humour.

    Hi to Pauly, pie ......and Det...wherever you are

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    heya ABerooos!

    Thanks for the boot-up Mick

    Lav, duck eggs are my fav. like them better than chicken variety. eye-phone? ack!

    Sam, quite a project you have there. you might need to get a drone, they can be handy.

    off to drop off some gear but home tonight thankfully.

    time for bacon!

    be well everyone
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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