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Thread: wednesday 13th

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    wednesday 13th

    mornin all are we today then?all good I hope..well the company that I got the heating element from,also sent me another one...obviously a bit of a mix up,so i reality the repair cost me night was supposed to be the coldest night we were having tho to be truthful didnt feel that bad to me...mebbes Im just thick skinned!!..still cant get into the garden,and in the greenhouse,ive got little cabbage plants to go in.....

    ok brew time...eveyone ready??

    mornin pie ..hows you today then?glad you gave the skook annuver chance....what about yer man that threw the bottle ...was he there in the class?...looking at that fire place...woweee dont know if its the angle the pic is taken ..but it looks really for tackling it....yep sure would..for me ,I would definitely put a chunky mantelpiece across it,set into the stonework,the colour and stain of the wood would? set it off ....light beechwood/clear pine would go well,oak dark oak etc would def darken your room up..if that is a high ceiling I would clad the whole chimney breast,but only do about 6 ft above the top of the fireplace now....but what I would do is finish shape it in an arch..similar to how those guys started.....and the space above ..a long scenic picture or something like that so that when you walk in your eye is taken by the mantel working up to the curve,or the curve working down.....but thats me...a man ...I know nowt...I get told...I make!!!

    hiya ppqp ..thats chuffed that things seem to be on the go for you ..well done..can you create some more hours in the day for me??I have another friend who is retiring from the prison service soon ,another one who is worrying that he will be bored and he was asking me......I actually keep a diary of got to do things on a daily weekly basis,and pretty often things get carried over!!

    hiya Lav...celebratory brew for your curves place ..brill news ..bought 2 peony roses they are gawjus,but aint putting them in the ground yet!!
    any plans for today?

    hiya pauly.....pissed off .com and not feeling great doesnt mean you need a drink,think of the times you though that,and had a drink and how crap you felt after...its your blood sugars I guess..the more you exercise ,the more you will get to enjoy also sounds to me like you have a million things whizzin round your head at once...have you ever thought of diarying everything ?for me its cathartic and also god to look back on,and see ok ..I was hacked off on such and such and did...lets try that..we all go thru whizzy head syndrome..its just realising and prioritising..hope that helps.....more than booze would...and get some new plants ,or take some cuttings from the old ones...

    hiya Sam,Det bear ,NS,and our resident undie Kuya...hope you are all well...and anyone else I have had the audacity to miss out!!have a great day....

    Jerry Hall has hit back at claims she's just another gold digger like Anna Nicole Smith.

    "I'm nothing like her," the Texan, blonde, former-model about to marry an elderly billionaire said of the late Texan, blonde, former-model who married an elderly billionaire.

    K Mart ready meals.

    A little taste of prison right in your own home.

    Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall engaged ?

    Old Digger and Gold Digger...

    A plumber goes to a psychic and before he can say anything she says,

    "I can see great wealth in your future. "

    "You could be right, " he said, "I'm here to fix your heating. "

    Jerry Hall to marry 84 year old Rupert Murdoch and change her name to Geriatric Hall

    News: Public toilets in Beijing now offer wi-fi.

    Or as we call them, Starbucks.

    In my youth we paid for music and got the likes of Lemmy, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie.

    Today, kids don't want to pay for music and get the likes of Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Ed Sheeran.

    no one else to blame but yourselves tight gits!!

    I remember when I bought my first piece of vinyl, it was quite an emotional experience for me.

    I confused the hell out of the staff at carpetworld as I remember...

    I went to the psychiatrist and told him that I'm not crazy, but my brother thought he was a pineapple.

    The psychiatrist said, "Well bring him here, I can cure him."

    "He's here," I told him. "In my pocket."
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    morning all
    thanks for the brew, Mick. It turned a bit cold here last night as well. Feels kinda good, not the extreme bitter "PQ" kinda cold. When I read temps like that, I wonder how anything functions outside: animals, cars etc.

    Got offered an extension to my part time work with Soil & Water conservation with perhaps full time in the summer... I certainly took the part time and helps that I'm doing a little more surveying now. Finally getting out of my old partnership helped and he's very good at steering old clients my way when they call him, which I am grateful. Interestingly, all these life's steps seem so much more doable being sober. How I managed before is all a blur, and behind me now.

    welp, off to it, wishing everyone a great day!!
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Good morning Abbers, happy hump day

    Sunny & very cold here. We never got any snow last evening, that's OK with me!

    Mick, that's a great plan for Pie's fireplace - when can you get it done for her? Ha ha!!
    I don't know if I mentioned this but YB is planning to retire (again) probably in April. He has plans to build a greenhouse on the side of his man room/garage. That's a really good thing because keeping him out of my hair is top priority. Nothing super special on my day plan, just the usual. The boys are all taking a trip to the farm show today. I opted out so I could keep an eye on my aging dog here, she's having problems.

    Sam, sounds like you have a decent gig shaping up, good for you! Everything is much easier when we approach life with a clear head - couldn't agree more

    Wishing everyone a great AF day!

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    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Mae everybody,Mick,where's the peony pics?haha,Sam,glad work is going good,Lav,a greenhouse would be cool,I want one no exercise this morning I'll try and squeeze something in later,I've been doing pretty good on walking in the morning and the afternoon too,just can't get with it today,threads been quiet lately, guess everyone is busy,much live to all,I hope we all have a easy Wednesday
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    The paying for music joke got me laughing this morning, Mick. The bottle throwing incident was about 2 years ago, so student has likely moved on to high school, or dropped out. I imagine he's still a problem child, just not my problem.

    Got my tape measure out and the fireplace clocks in at about 13 feet, or four meters tall. Your design plan works for me, so as Lav asks, when can ya start?

    Sam, I'm not at all surprised that conservation folks asked you to stay on. Seems such a good match with your interests and talents. I too wonder how I maneuvered through life in the fog of alcohol. Yep, that's in the past.

    Morning, Pauly!

    PQ, on the evening news I heard that Canadians are streaming across the border to buy Powerball tickets. Maybe not so much from your part of the country though.

    Off to see if anything new has turned up on the school front for today.

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    Lav, just reread your post and wonder if your dog is having trouble because of the cold weather?

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    Pie, I think my dog is suffering from old lady bladder & possibly a bit of dementia. She turned 13 last month & that is way beyond the life expectancy for her breed. She actually loves the cold weather & snow too being a Swiss mountain dog. Her back legs are giving her a lot of trouble too so I have to help her get her 100 lb body off of the floor sometimes. It's getting kinda tough.

    I can't stay up for the lottery drawing tonight because I have to be out of the house at 6:15 am. I hope we all win

    Hey there Pauly!!!
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Hey All....
    Kinda glanced through the thread and apologies my post is about me.
    Ex showed up around 2am wanting to talk and I wouldn't let him in.
    Neighbor called police about noise complaint. Cops ticketed him for noise and he left.
    Was told if he comes back to phone 911 (emergency) and he would be arrested for trespassing.
    Went into work as I had another meeting but took the afternoon off.
    Actually drove to the liquor store only to hear myself say what would "Mick" say.
    Why do you want that drink...answer I'm pissed off, tired, hungry, and feel I just want to escape.
    That was enough for me to stop going in but came home and had something to eat and had a nap.
    I tend to isolate when going through life struggles and so appreciate this thread because I can still reach out and not feel so alone.
    When I say "What Would Mick Say" it's because he taught me to stop and think before reacting. That "stop" is enough to make me make the right choice!
    Will check in with you all in the morning......PPQP
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