Good morning...

Woke up late today. Our furnace messed up last night, a guy was able to come out and rig it for a day or so, something needs to be replaced, and the part will be in on Wednesday. It never ends lately.

Lav, I ordered the book you recommended on detachment, I really need it right now. We are supposed to get snow on Thursday and Friday, then warm weather over the weekend again. I want spring to stay!

Cyn, computer problems are a pain in the neck. Hope you can get it fixed soon. It is wonderful to have my house put back together, thanks. Glad you are noticing positive changes from the meditation. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and was able to deep breathe, complete a relaxation exercise and fall into a deep sleep, with no meds. It has taken me years of practice, and it works! So glad you are having some nice weather, too.

Dill and Pauly, hope you Tuesdays are great.

Have a good one.